ZoomBucks Review | Paid Surveys, Gift Card Rewards

ZoomBucks is another GPT website where you can earn money by doing various activities like completing surveys or doing tasks or watching some videos.

ZoomBucks Registration Process

You have 2 options to register

  • By email (your email and password);
  • Using your Facebook account.

Don’t forget to confirm the confirmation link from your email address.

Earning Options

  • Complete Surveys (Theorem Reach, PeanutLabs, YourSurvyes, etc);

The rewards you receive after completing different surveys are decent compared with other GPT sites.

You fill all the information in your profile and they will send you surveys based on your profile.

  • Do Paid Offer-Walls (AdWalls, AdGate, OfferToro, PeanutLabs, etc);

Read carefully the description for each offer you are interested in so you can avoid not get paid. Some of the offers found on ZoomBucks can be worth it and it can boost your income.

But, please, make sure you read all the information regarding that offer you are trying to complete.

You need to have an account with Hideout.TV to earn here. You won’t earn much by watching videos.

Like on most GPT websites, earnings from watching videos are pretty low. You need to be aware when you want to try this way to make some money.

For example, you can watch 3 videos and earn 7 points. I wouldn’t recommend this method but it’s still a way to make money and you can have it running in the background.

It all depends on you, which option are you going to use to make money with ZoomBucks (surveys, offers or videos).

Note: $1 is almost equivalent to 1000 Points.

In most of the cases, 1000 points equal $1 but there are some cases when $1 is not worth 1000 points. It really depends on the reward you are choosing to exchange your points.

How to earn with ZoomBucks

What is the Reward Store?

The “Reward Store” is the place where you can exchange your points for various rewards.

These are some of the rewards you can receive for your points:

  • IMVU gift (10 600 points);

If you want to use PayPal, you need 3000 points.

  • XBOX gift card;

You need 25000 points to use this option.

What can we say about Zoombucks Customer Service?

The customer support can be very helpful if you have some problems you can’t fix.

In the section called “FAQ & Articles”, you can find almost all the information you need to use ZoomBucks to make money online.

If that won’t help you, then you should write them a message and wait for their answer. Unfortunately, there were cases when they didn’t respond even after 2 weeks so I had to write to them again.

You should be aware that support can be sometimes really slow and you need to have some patience. But they will fix it eventually. 

Referral Program

There are 3 tiers countries:

  • Tier 1 countries (250 points) like the USA, Canada or Great Britain;
  • Tier 2 countries (150 points) like Germany, France, Spain, Australia, Japan, Norway, Denmark, etc;
  • “Less lucky” countries (tier 3) (25 points).

You can earn from referring to others but the reward you can receive depends on the country that the person is.

In order to receive your reward, your referral must earn 1000 points.

How do you get paid?

There were 3 options to get paid:

  • Bitcoin Wallet;
  • Gift Cards;

For now, they removed the Bitcoin option. If you want to get paid, you need to have a PayPal account or you can transfer your points towards Gift Cards.

Register here

Zoombucks Surveys Online

With ZoomBucks you have the potential to earn up to $100 per day.

For more information, you can check the latest payments from ZoomBucks.

 Thank you for reading.

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