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What is WowApp?

WowApp is a GPT platform that helps you generate money for completing various tasks like shopping, surveys, games, taking calls, etc. It’s available worldwide, so anyone can earn from this app.

In other words, you can earn money for doing various online activities, activities you are already doing for free on other networks or platforms.

Note: They share up to 80% of their profits with us. Their profits really depend on how much are we using their network and its features. If we are very active, then they will earn more from our activities and therefore, our earnings can be higher.

How to make a new account on WowApp?

Making a new account is not hard but it’s a little bit different than your ordinary registration process. You need an invite from someone to join WowApp.

If you don’t have friends on WowApp, do not worry. In case you don’t have an invite, WowApp will provide you some random people from your country or area to use their links to sign-up. After you select the member with whom you want to register, then you will add your basic information (email address, username, and password) to create a new account.

What devices can you use to access WowApp?

WowApp is available on Pc and Mac but, also, on mobile devices (Google Play and App Store).

How does WowApp work?

In order to earn here, WowApp provides up to 8 ways to increase your income:

  • shopping online;

There are more than 1000 online shops available on WowApp where you can buy different things and receive back a percentage of the purchase in your Wow account. The cashback percentage is different for each shop that you are using.

Here are some examples of shops that are available on WowApp:

Note: The shops can be different for each location or country. 

If you love shopping online, then you should really check this section to save money (cashback) and get these discounts in your account.

  • get paid to talk;

You get paid to talk on your phone or your computer by using the WowApp. Basically, you can use this app to call your friends, just like you are using Skype. If you call people from WowApp, you won’t pay a dime for that.

But if you are calling to other networks, then the calls are not free.

  • chat with your friends (old and new);
  • read the news, etc.

There are some ways like the “Instant Earn” option that can’t be used unless you are using the mobile version of WowApp.

What is the “Instant Earn”?

If you are using the app from your mobile phone, you can access this method to earn from surveys, downloading various offers, doing different trials, watching videos, etc. The main difference is that you get paid instantly for doing these online jobs.

What is the Smart Slide?

Smart Slide is just another way to make money with this app. You earn money by having banner ads enabled on your account. 

What is Smart Web extension?

Smart Web is a browser extension that will help you earn more for your online activity (surfing online).

Can you donate to charity?

Yes, you can use this app to donate money if that is your wish. 

The donation can be done:

  • manually;

You can donate manually and choose from almost 2000 charities to donate any amount of money.

  • automatically.

Also, for all the activities you have on this app, it generates automatically small donations for your favorite charities. It’s not much but every cent is important for these charities.

Note: if you are inactive, even for 1 day, your “Streak” number will be reset.

This is what I like about WowApp. Think about Facebook or WhatsApp or any other major social network

Do they share any percentage with their users?

The answer is no. And maybe they should improve their interaction policy with their members.

How can you cash out?

If you don’t want to donate your earnings, then you can select these options to withdraw:

Take a look at their fees when you chose this way to withdraw your earnings. Unfortunately, they have quite high fees when they process the payments through PayPal.

  • Credit Cards;
  • Mobile Credit;
  • Bank Account.

Note: Wait until you have enough money to withdraw so you can’t “feel” the fees so much. 

How much is 1 WowApp coin?

In order to cash out, you need to exchange your coins with real money.

1 WowApp coin is worth $0.01. So, if you want to withdraw$1, then you must have 100 WowCoins.

How long does it take to have your money in your “wallet”?

This policy can make you a little bit upset because if you want to withdraw your earnings to PayPal, for example, you need to wait 60 days. After 60 days, they will send your money to your account.

Can you refer people to WowApp?

Yes. You can share your referral link and invite other people (friends or strangers) and earn up 8 levels of referral commissions. This is a lot you can earn if you know how to promote it.

Register here 

wowapp sign up

Is WowApp Scam or Legit?

WowApp is definitely a Legit GPT company with many different ways to earn money online. There are lots of payment proofs on the internet and good reviews from its members. After you have read my review about WowApp, you are the only one to decide if this app is good for you or it’s a waste of time.

Thank you for reading. 

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