TronLink Wallet Review | Send and Receive Tron (TRX)

TronLink is a Tron wallet where you can store your TRX or any other tokens which are available on the Tron network. A Tron wallet is recommended to hold the TRX coins or if you want to get free airdrops.

What is Tron?

Well, you need to know what is Tron before you want to create a wallet to make TRX transactions (receive or send). 

The Tron is a blockchain application that uses the same coding language as the Ethereum. Thanks to an accessible network, people are starting to use more often this token because it is straightforward to work with.

People are starting to create more applications or wallets based on this token. There is a lot of cash invested in this token. These are things that can strengthen the Tron token.

For now, it’s a solid project but only the future can tell if this token (TRX) will join the amazing family of cryptocurrencies.

Note: Tron made a shocking and interesting move when they bought the STEEMIT.

STEEMIT was founded in 2017 and it is something similar to Facebook but for the decentralized content. We will see if the TRX token will be adopted and used in mass by the people.

How to install and use the TronLink Wallet?

It’s recommended to use the Chrome browser to install the extension for this wallet. If you are using, for example, the Brave browser, you can use that too. Both browsers are safe to use, and they have lots of security improvements. It’s your choice…

How do you install the browser extension?

 If you are using the Chrome browser, you need to go to the chrome store. Type in the ”Search” section in the left corner, the word ”tronlink”. Then you should add the extension to your browser by clicking the ”Add to Chrome” option.

If the extension is successfully installed in your browser, then you should see the icon for the “Tronlink” wallet in the right corner of your browser. So far, so good…

Adding this extension didn’t take too long, right?

Almost 30 or maybe 40 seconds to install the TronLink extension.

Create the TronLink wallet

After you installed the extension, you need to create a wallet for your TRX tokens. Just click the icon of the extension and follow the steps.

Note: When you set your password, make sure that the password is difficult and complex. Don’t add the same password from another wallet you are using or another program. Make your password unique.

Remember the security words

After you add the password and the name for your account, they will give you 12 security words. Write it down…
This is very important. In case, you lose your password or maybe you upgrade your personal computer, you need these 12 words to recover your account. You can write these words or make a print screen and keep it safe. Don’t lose these words.

Once you finished the whole process to create the Tron wallet, you should see the main page with 2 options:

  • Receive;

If you click the Receive option, you will see the Tron address. Use this address to receive the Tron coins (TRX) in your wallet.

  • Send.

Use this function to send Tron coins or tokens to another address.

TronLink is available on mobile devices?

Like I said earlier, the TronLink wallet is available on the desktop when you enable the extension. But, it is available on mobile devices, also.

If you want to use the mobile version, you should know it’s available on android (Google Play or Android APK) and iOS (App Store and Test Flight).

Another cool feature is that you can connect the TronLink wallet to a hardware wallet. If you have a hardware wallet, you should use this function.

Of course, there are more features but these 3 (send, receive, and Connect to a hardware wallet) are the most important ones, for now. Who knows, maybe in the future, they will add more features.

Note: All the transactions are almost INSTANT (most of the time).

You can use this link to create a Tron wallet:

tronlink sign up

Note: This link does not contain a referral code.

Thank you for reading.

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