Earn some EXTRA bucks with TimeBucks | Tik Tok, Surveys

What is Timebucks?

Timebucks is a GPT website that pays you to complete different activities you are already doing online like taking surveys, watching videos, downloading offers, or completing various micro-tasks. This is not a full job but there are lots of ways to earn some extra bucks by doing different simple tasks online.

Sign-Up Bonus

If you do not have an account on Timebucks, maybe it’s time to make one. It’s free and more importantly, you get a $1 sign-up bonus. It doesn’t matter if you are using a referral link or not. The sign-up bonus is yours to take.

How can you register for Timebucks?

There are 2 methods you can use to register Timebucks:

  • email address;

If you choose this way to register, they need your email address and password.

Using your Facebook account to register is a little bit easier than using your email address.

How can you earn some EXTRA bucks with Timebucks? 

Before you start earning with Timebucks, you must complete your profile with your real information (name, date of birth, your physical address, etc). Once you completed this task, you won’t be able to make changes to your profile.

Timebucks provide you with multiple methods to increase your income and can only be found in the “Earn” section. 

These are the methods in order to make money with Timebucks:

There are several survey providers that can help you earn a few extra bucks like TheoremReach, Adscend Media, Your-Surveys, Pollfish, etc.

Note: The number of surveys depends on your location.

If by any chance, you have problems in qualifying for the surveys, you can try other ways (low paying methods) like clicking ads, watching videos, complete captchas, doing some slideshows, etc.

Low paying Jobs to earn a few extra bucks

  • click ads;

The value for these ads varies between $0.001 and $0.004. If you are lucky you can get ads with better values but it really depends on the advertisers.

  • complete various captcha;

Every time you complete 15 captchas, you earn $0.003. This job can be done unlimited times.

Note: Don’t worry. There is no “Recaptcha” here, so it won’t be hard to complete this task.

  • complete different micro-tasks (follow Facebook or Twitter pages, like Instagram accounts, subscribe to different Youtube channels, etc);

If you are familiar with the micro-tasks from freelance platforms like Microworkers or Rapidworkers, then you should not have any problems in completing any jobs here.

Note: Read the instructions for each task before you start the campaign. All the tasks must be completed in 30 minutes.

In order to get paid, you need to add the proof that you have completed the task.

  • get paid to register;

They give a list of various websites where you get paid to register. Like on the “micro-tasks” section, you have 30 minutes to complete the sign-up job.

Note: Please don’t register on those websites with low approval rates. There is a chance of not getting paid when you try to register on those sites.

The earnings are not instant. It requires up to 4 days for the advertisers to check if you did everything correctly.

What are the sweepstakes?

The sweepstakes are just another way to reward you for the activity on Timebucks. Every time you complete a task or doing a survey or referring new members will earn you sweepstakes.

Note: From time to time, they will offer you some promos to help you earn more sweepstakes entries.

Also, every week there is a contest where you can get the chance to win some extra bucks. The winners are being selected randomly. It does not matter how many sweepstakes entries you have to win up to $250.

  • complete Tik-Tok tasks;

Before you earn from this tab, you need to add your Tik-Tok page. Make sure that your page has 100 followers and at least 5 videos. These are the minimum requirements so you can earn from Tik-Tok posts.

  • complete different offer-walls like downloading apps, playing games, watching videos, etc and earn additional money;

Note: Use your mobile devices (android, iPhone, or iPad) to complete the offer-walls.

  • upload videos on Youtube and improve your income;

In order to complete this task, you need a youtube account. Timebucks will give you all the necessary “tools” to help you upload the videos on Youtube. Again, you have 30 minutes to do this task.

Share your referral link and earn more

Invite your friends and family and earn a 15% referral commission. And, this is not all. You can earn on 5 levels of referral commissions.

Also, if your referral deposit some money to advertise on Timebuck, you get 10%.

Do you need to be premium to earn here?

It’s not necessary to upgrade to Premium if you don’t want that. The premium feature can help you boost your earnings by 25% for 7 days and it cost only $4.95. If you are not from a tier 1 or 2 countries, there is no logical reason to upgrade.

My Timebucks Payment Proof | April 15, 2020

Timebucks Payment April 15, 2020

What are the payment methods?

After you completed enough tasks and earned $10, you are eligible for a payment. But you can’t request the payment because there is no button to ask.

Basically, all the payments are been processed every week on Thursday. As a result, you need to reach the minimum ($10) before Thursday.

Note: Make sure you have at least $10 in your account on Tuesday.

These are the methods which are available for you to cash out:

  • Bank Transfer.

Note: Unfortunately, Timebucks doesn’t work with PayPal anymore. I don’t know if this is good news or not. But they do provide more ways to cash out.

Register TimeBucks and earn a few EXTRA bucks

Timebucks EXTRA bucks

If you are willing to work a little bit harder then you can make more than 50 bucks daily for doing something you like. It depends on how serious and active you are.

Thank you for reading.

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