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What is Testerjob?

TesterJob is a platform where you are getting paid for testing and reviewing various products that were sold on the Amazon. But, in order to use this site to earn money online, you have to be from the following countries:

  • The United States of America;
  • Italy;
  • France;
  • Germany;
  • Spain;
  • The United Kingdom.

If you are not from these 6 countries, then, unfortunately, you won’t be able to use TesterJob to increase your income.

How do you sign up for TesterJob?

Before you start the registration process, you need an Amazon account in these 6 countries that I listed above. If you don’t have an Amazon account, you can not use this platform..

The registration form looks like in the image below:

TesterJob create new account

Add your basic information like first and last name, username, password, etc.

After you finished adding your basic information and complete the process, you can sign in to TesterJob. They will provide you with small teaching windows in order to show you some basic tutorials about the products, jobs or profile settings, etc.

How can you earn with TesterJob?

After you successfully register, you will get access to a list of the available products. These products are here for you to test and review it, and in exchange, you get paid or you can receive free products.

Note: When you start testing these products, you need to know that you can test up to 9 products per month.

There are 2 main ways in which you can get rewarded with TesterJob:

  • you buy a product to test, then you make a positive review of the product you purchased.

After you review it, you will receive your money back. But, besides receiving your money back, you get to keep the product for free. An amazing way to get rewarded, right?

As you can see, you have nothing to lose from this “transaction”.

  • if your account is verified with your ID (only available for those 6 countries), they will provide you with a Prepay option.

With this enabled, they will help you pay a product with their money. You can use their funds to buy a product later if that is your wish. After you get the product, you review it (positive review) and keep the product.

How do you know if a product has Cashback or Prepay enabled?

If a product has one of those 2 options enabled, you should see in each product section, just above the product.

This is how it should look a product with the “Prepay” or the “Cashback” enabled:

TesterJob Prepay and Cashback

What about the gold stars?

The gold star is another reward system to motivate you to buy different products from Amazon using the TesterJob platform.

With the help of gold stars, you can participate in monthly contests where you can earn various prizes (cash, tv, phones, etc). But, it can also be saved and exchanged for money.

After you exchanged the gold stars with money, you can buy a product. Then, you review it and get the product for free.

You can increase the number of gold stars by using their Spinning Wheel. But, it’s not recommended to do that, because, most of the time, you will lose.

Note: It is not necessary to have an Amazon Prime account.

But if you do have one, it could save a lot on the shipping costs. This feature is not available for all platforms specialized in testing and reviewing products. But, TesterJob will not ask for additional costs when they will send your products.

choose TesterJobs to make money online

In the dashboard, in the “Products Tests” section, there are 2 types of tests:

  • verified;

This type of test can be completed only by the verified Amazon accounts. The number of products available for testing and review is not the same for each of those 6 countries.

For example, an Amazon account from Germany will not be the same as someone from Spain. In some countries, you can review up to 9 products per month but not in all 6 countries.

  • unverified.

You can’t leave a review on a product on Amazon, why?

Well, in order to test and review a product, you need to spend some money on Amazon. The amount you need to spend on Amazon is not so different in these 6 countries.

For example, if you have an Amazon account from the United Kingdom, you must spend almost £40 within 1 year. For the countries from the European Union, the amount is €50

And, if you can’t leave a review, then you won’t be able to earn anything with this platform.

Note: So, before you sign-up to TesterJob, make sure that your Amazon account is not “breaking” that rule. If you bought products from Amazon worth €50 or £40, then you should be fine.

The review must be written on the Amazon website in the “Your orders” section, not in TesterJob. The review must be original, not some random content you just could copy and paste from the internet.

Important: Don’t review a product, until you actually receive it.

After you complete the buying transaction and leaving a positive review on the Amazon, only then you can finish the task on Testerjob.

Should you give negative or positive reviews?

Definitely, you should avoid giving negative reviews.

Don’t buy products that you are not feeling ok. Buy only those products that you are interested in and knowing that the reviews you give are positive.

Note: the product owners are expecting and paying to receive positive reviews for their stuff. 

Want some free products?

If your answer is definitely YES, then you should take a look at this platform.

join TesterJob

Note: There is no referral code in this link.

How do you withdraw your bonus cash?

Once you reach £15 or €15, you can request your payment using these options:

  • Bank account.

Thank you for reading.

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