Swagbucks Review | Sign-Up Bonus, Cash-Back Offers

Swagbucks is one of the best GPT sites where you can do lots of different simple online tasks and get paid using your favorite payment options. It’s something similar to a loyalty-based program.

Sign-Up Bonus

When you register, you will get a sign-up bonus: up to $10. Take advantage of this cash bonus and start your money-making journey with Swagbucks.


100 Swagpoints = $1.

How to register?

You have 2 options to register:

  • E-mail (e-mail address and password);
  • Facebook.

Don’t forget to confirm your SB account to get easy points. Just click the link from your email address and your account should be verified.

What are the options to earn with Swagbucks?

swagbucks make money online

Maximize your profits with Swagbucks by using these options to make money online:

  • Complete your profile;

Yeah, you can make some money just by completing your SB profile. Pretty cool, right?

Fill in the required information (basic information about yourself) to get more surveys.

Try to complete the incentive surveys because these surveys will pay you even if you get disqualified. If you get disqualified too often, these surveys could be a good option for you.

Of course, there are many high paying surveys but it’s hard to get qualified for these surveys. It really depends on what country are you live in.

Note: Not everyone qualifies for every single survey. Keep that in mind when you try to complete surveys.

It’s possible to tale a small portion of the survey and then they will say if you are qualified or not to complete it.

  • Shopping Button;

You can earn cash by installing their shopping button application.

  • Swagbucks Bonuses;

It’s a really simple way to earn here. Search for these special codes on various Social Media pages, you can do daily polls, etc.

Try to make this daily and you can make easy money every month.

  • Discover Offers;

You can check this section for more opportunities to earn like downloading apps, register to various sites, playing games, etc.

Different companies want to pay you various amounts of money to try out their products. If you are active, you can earn lots of money using this section to earn.

More options to earn…

  • Games (“Play” section);

This section is only for fun. You won’t earn much using this because the earnings are very low. So, use it on your devices only if you get bored or you are at home with nothing to do.

  • Search;

This a great feature to earn some cash. Search for words on Swagbucks and if you are lucky, you can earn easy SB points.

All the winners are chosen randomly.

  • Shop (Cashback Offers);

You buy something through the platform and you get a various percentage cashback.

  • Swagstakes;

Swagstakes are simple giveaways. Don’t waste your money on these giveaways.

Referral Program

You earn a 10% referral commission.

How do you get paid with Swagbucks?

Swagbucks has lots of gift cards so it won’t be a problem finding your favorite gift card to redeem your points.

It’s a completely legit platform with millions of members worldwide and it’s actually paying without any problems.

If you don’t have an account, please use this link to register:

register Swagbucks

Get up to $10 only if you are using a referral code.

Swagbucks Conclusions…

Swagbucks is a good option for those who are looking to make a few extra bucks. This is not recommended if you are looking for a full-time job.

You do not need any skill or experience to make money online using this company.

If you have more information, please use the comment section to share your experiences with Swagbucks.

Thank you for reading.

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