Get paid to click with ojooo | Various Payment Choices

What is Ojooo?

Ojooo is a german company that pays you to click and view advertisements. Watching ads doesn’t take too long but the rewards are not very high.

If you want to increase your rewards, there are 2 ways to do that:

  • Refer people;
  • Upgrade your membership.

How to register?

You have 2 options to register:

  • Email address;

If you want to choose this option to register, you need to add your username, email address, and referral code (optional).

After you complete the registration form, check your email address for the confirmation link. Open your email account, look for the link and then click it.

Important: Please don’t try to create multiple accounts. They have a system to detect these accounts and you will be banned.

Ojooo Mobile

 Ojooo is available on mobile platforms (Android and iOS):

How to make money?

  • View Ads;

Click the ad, watch it and you get paid for that simple job. Earn money in a really easy way. Watch advertisements and make up to $0.06 per click.

  • OjoooGrid;

You receive 30 chances every day with prizes between $0.03 and $3.

  • Complete Surveys Online

Membership Ojooo

  • Standard (Free Membership);
  • Economy Membership (only $20 per month);
  • Privilege Membership ($40 per month).

Upgrade to Privilege Membership and you will get FREE referrals (the easy way). Very good option if you don’t have the skills to advertise and getting new referrals (the hard way).

Referral Program

  • 10% referral commission.
  • You can get up to a $10 bonus when your referral will upgrade his account to Privilege. If you want to earn from your referrals, you need to view 4 advertisements per day.
Withdraw Options

Minimum Payout is only $2.

Note: Ojooo has a rule regarding payments. In order to withdraw your money, you need to click 100 ads.


Thank you for your support.

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