StreetBees Review | Get paid to share your funny stories

What is StreetBees?

StreetBees is a research application that pays you up to $5 to complete specific tasks or campaigns for different big companies like Pepsi, Vodafone, Bloomberg, L’Oreal, Unilever, etc.

In other words, you get paid to share your stories about your ordinary life. They don’t want you to complete any “long and boring” surveys, but instead, they want you to tell them about your amazing stories.

Is StreetBees available in your country?

Unfortunately, they don’t provide any basic information about the countries where this app can be used. In order to see if you can use this app, you must check on GooglePlay or the AppStore where StreetBees is available for download.

How does StreetBees work?

Basically, you just need to download the app, enter your basic information like your email address, and then start completing the tasks which are available for your country. 

But, StreetBees is not like your normal GPT site where you complete some boring tasks just to get paid. Thanks to great mobile design (interface), the tasks you receive (depending on your location) can be very fun to complete.

Here are some examples of tasks available on StreetBees:

  • take a picture of your favorite food (breakfast, lunch, dinner, etc);
  • when you go shopping, they may ask you to take a picture of your supermarket;
  • provide information about the location where you eat;
  • if you eat with your family or alone, etc;
  • you are a coffee addict or you are more of a tea person, etc.

As you can see from these examples listed above, it is not that complicated to make money with StreetBees.

Note: The more campaigns or jobs you complete, the more money will be added to your balance.

How do you get paid?

Once you complete several tasks, you can request your payment via PayPal. If PayPal is not available in your country, then you can use the other option to get your money out.

Register here StreetBees

streetbees make money

Is StreetBees a Legit application or Scam?

StreetBees is a funny method to increase your income by doing something different from the other GPT sites. StreetBees does not require any experience in order to use this on your mobile device. It requires answering questions and complete easy tasks regarding your daily life.

But, there are also some problems regarding this app.

I won’t lie to you. Although this app is paying his members there are some small disadvantages when you use this app. 

First, it’s not available worldwide. Unfortunately, they don’t provide any additional information about the countries where this app is available. We only know that it’s available in almost 90 countries.

Another downside is that there are not too many tasks to complete. Like in any GPT site, your location is very important to get new tasks every day.

Their support is not very effective. It will take some time to get some answers if you have some problems with StreetBees. Also, after you complete a task (story), they need to review and approve your work in order to get paid.

So, if they don’t approve of your task, you have wasted your time to complete that job. And if you ask them to give you some explanations about why they reject your task, you will receive only the “default” answers.

Not knowing what was the real reason why they rejected your job, can be really frustrating sometimes.

Thank you for reading.

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