Stay away from Twitch Followers or Mixer Followers!!

Twitch Followers and Mixer Followers | SCAM platforms.

Why I made this post?

At first, when I joined this platform, I was very happy. It was not very hard to earn and it was paying through PayPal. The idea of watching others playing seems to be a great idea to make money from your home.

How I was earning with TwitchFollowers?

You earn points by watching various streamers. You can exchange the points for PayPal money.

In theory every hour, between .45 and .00, you have the chance to earn cash by watching others playing various popular games. 

There 2 types of memberships:

  • Free;
  • Premium.

In the beginning, the premium membership was only $9.99. But they changed it to $19.99.

Without the upgrade, you don’t have any chance to “earn” here. They “force” you to upgrade and then they ban your account.

Minimum Payment

You need to reach $20.00 to withdraw.

Is it worth earning with Twitch Followers & Mixer Followers?

The answer is NO😡. After they increased the cost for the premium membership to almost $20, you must be insane to stay and earn with this SCAM platform.

Like many other persons who tried to make some money with Twitch Followers, I have a negative experience with these scammers. After my 5th payment, they baned my account.

I think I was very lucky to reach 5 payments from this SCAM site. I invested almost $10 and I made payments worth $90.

The worse part is they started another project (same concept) called the “Mixer Followers”. They have no shame.

Note: Mixer Followers is not the same thing as the Mixer.

The Mixer platform is owned by Microsoft, so it’s a LEGIT company. The same situation applies to Twitch Followers and Twitch.

Twitch and Mixer have no connection to the SCAM platforms like Twitch Followers or Mixer Followers.

Twitch Followers & Mixer Followers SCAM

If you, already, got banned by these scammers, please recover your money by making a dispute. More information about how to make a dispute, you can find by clicking this link:

If you have any experience with Twitch Followers or Mixer Followers, please use the comment section and share it with us. This way, we help other people in not making the same mistakes as we did.

Thank you for reading.

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