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What is social media?

Social Media incorporates online technology to which people can share images, videos, personalized content or personal opinions.

It provides new ways to connect and socialize, we can find people with the same interest or we can share information and experiences.

Social Media works as an amplifier, we get there quicker, easier and it works perfectly. We have the power of choice and that is the most important thing in social media.

People can use Facebook to get in touch with friends, people can say hilarious things on Twitter or people can use Instagram to send a direct message, for example, of their hands or anything funny. In other words, these are excellent and relevant things to do.

Social media marketing | The management of social media pages

It is one of the most in-demand services in the world.

Please, remember, this is not a “get rich fast scheme” and to improve your business you need to have the desire to achieve and be very active on social media.

You do not need money to get started in this marketing industry, the only investment you need to make is your TIME and the desire to learn about this business model.

Your number one goal should be working with businesses and make more money every month and in time get paid every month.


Welcome to Facebook

What is Facebook? Well, Facebook is a website committed to bringing people together in an online social environment (network). Users are able to connect with family and friends and share what is happening in their lives (share pictures, videos, and many more social activities).

People are spending more time on the internet than ever before and Facebook has captured an important amount of that time.

Facebook is the place you want to be if you are looking for people to socialize or if you have a business that you want to bring to people, to promote it.

Users can customize their individual profile with all kinds of information from their favorite music to their favorite food. They can search for other users and adding as friends, sending private messages and more.

Facebook Groups are one of my favorites tools to use on Facebook and it is completely FREE. You can have an unlimited amount of members or you can be really specific in creating the topics or be general with the topics.

Facebook became the dominant player in the social media universe. In fact, they are the largest social media platform with almost 3 billion users and growing.


Instagram Social Media

Instagram | Super Popular especially with teens, with tons of cool filters which makes posting images really fun.

It’s a social media platform to share pictures of your kids or friends, or your car or what you ate for dinner.

You do have to be 12 years old to use this amazing social tool and they have almost 100 million members and growing every day.

You could use Facebook to register or you can make a new account with your email or phone. If you want your friends to find you, use your real name. If you want to be anonymous use any name you want.

Instagram is another social tool for us to promote our business. What is great with Instagram is you can still have a personal profile. A personal profile can be a business account and that is really incredible, especially if you create your own brand.

Instagram is 4 different apps in 1 bigger app if I think more about it. What do I mean by that?

Well, you got Instagram Feed (feed post stay permanent unless you delete it), Instagram Story (it is a way to post things you are doing, but disappear after 24 hours), Instagram Direct Messages and Instagram TV (you can view videos, it’s like youtube).

Instagram is a non-negotiable and every single person who has a business should be on Instagram because there is a lot of active users on this platform and it is the best platform to build a strong brand.

It is a fantastic way to build strong relationships with the help of Instagram Stories and Instagram DM.  It’s really hard to generate trust just with the help of Instagram, that’s why you need video and audio also.

Tik Tok

TikTok Social Media

Tik Tok is an application for android and iOS where you can share your Lip Syncing or Talent or Comedy videos. 

You can only upload a 15-second recording or you can stitch together multiple recordings for 60 seconds.

You can grow an audience on Tik Tok really fast and then you can transfer them to another media platform like Youtube or Instagram. Tik Tok is the place to practice, showing the world who you really are, have a little fun and entertain your followers.

Tik Tok is becoming a well established social platform, full of really talented authors who are creating really viral content.

Everybody has a chance to go viral with this application.  You don’t need to have a name or lots of followers behind you to make an impact on Tik Tok.

It gives you the ability to watch your favorite creators and, of course, find new creators without worrying about the time risk, about wasting your time watching a video you don’t like.

If you watching a 15-second video and you don’t like it, that’s alright, just go to the next video.


What is Twitter

What is the point of Twitter?

Twitter is a social platform to digest news from all around the world, anything in the world that is going on right now, you can find on this platform.

It can help you gain value and clarity for your business or your brand.If you use Twitter right, it can be an amazing tool for adding value, sharing knowledge, building and improve your business and many more benefits.

If someone is following you, it is their way to say “Hi or Hello” and the polite thing to do is to follow back.  Use your banner on Twitter to explain what you do or what your content focus is on.

Make sure your avatar is a representation of yourself because people want to know if they follow a genuine person and your “Bio” should tell why they should follow you.

Don’t use Twitter to talk about yourself, that’s not ok; Twitter should be used to talk about others.

WhatsApp Messenger

WhatsApp Social Media

WhatsApp is basically a messaging application with the ability to make phone calls and make video chats, you can also send videos or photos.

It is very popular because you can do all this for FREE with your personal phone. You can download this app from AppStore or Google Play Store.

WhatsApp will use your phone number to connect, it is a really simple process to make an account. It will send you a verification text message to your phone number.

You don’t have to be on Facebook or any other social media to use WhatsApp and people kinda like that because you can still text, video chat or do other stuff for free.


SnapChat Social Media

SnapChat can look a little overwhelming for the new members. All you need to do is open SnapChat (of course after you installed it on your phone).

You will be welcomed with your SnapChat camera. In order to take snaps (pictures) and post stories, you also need friends on SnapChat. Whatever pictures or videos you take, you can post it live so your friends could see those pictures or videos.

If you are not using this app yet, you are missing out on a huge opportunity to connect with your audience and to build your business.


Tumblr Social Media

Tumblr is like having your own blog but it’s more like a social media type blog. In principle, your Tumblr account is a blog account with unique features. You need to be careful when you hopping around or when you run your blog.

A lot of the major businesses have a Tumblr account. About the content on Tumblr, most of the content is video or gif (short repetitive videos). Users don’t have to use their real names and you can stay anonymous on Tumblr.

In the beginning, you are gonna notice the QUOTES. These quotes are placed on pictures and most of the pictures will not have anything in common with the quotes.

Do not save the picture you like on your computer and then re-upload it but instead of doing that, you can hit the “Reblog” button so you can credit the person, who actually found that picture.


WeChat Social Media

Wechat is basically an online chat program that people used to communicate with each other.

You can have groups, you have these things called “Moments” where you can share your moments or various stuff with your friends. You can upload pictures or texts or anything like that.


Pinterest Social Media

On any social media platform, you are gonna find 2 types of users: normal users and online marketers (online advertisers).

Pinterest is an online social platform where you can pin and organize the things that interest you.

It’s just as much of a search engine as Google is or as Youtube is, it just works a little bit differently but it can be an immense benefit to your business.

Pinterest is a big player in the search engine game right now but, of course, Google is the badass in this search engine universe.


Linkedin Social Wonder

It’s a fantastic place for you to go online and meet other business people and help grow your business.

In fact, 3 new users join LinkedIn every second and this makes the ideal platform for people who wants to improve their business or maybe for someone who wants to find a better and high-quality carrier opportunity.


Telegram App

Telegram is an application used by people involved in Instagram. It was built by a Russian programmer and a young businessman named Pavel Durov. The most important reason to use this app is privacy. It is super fast, simple to use and absolutely free.

You can use Telegram application on smartphones, tablets and even personal computers. It is a cloud-based mobile application with a focus on security and speed.


Reddit Media

Reddit is pretty awesome and you want to be part of it. The key to Reddit is how to customize the news that you are interested and that is the key to successfully navigating it.

The value of these items gets upvoted or downvoted and the number of upvotes minus the number of downvotes determines the post score.

Everything you see in blue is a link to a website. Reddit is divided into thousands of subcategories, some of which you are interested in or some of which you are not.

Everything with “/” before, is a subreddit. The first time when you press the “Unsubscribe” button, you have to create an account which is a very simple process.

With Reddit, you consume news or entertainment or whatever kind of information you interested in.

Tencent QQ Messenger

Tencent QQ Messenger Chinese App

What is Tencent?

Tencent is one of the biggest Chinese social networks and one of the largest gaming companies in the world.

QQ is an instant messenger similar to Skype, you can download the English version for this application.

The QQ Messenger has team-friendly features like avatar animations and disappearing videos just like SnapChat.

At the end of the day, make sure it’s representing you, as a person or what do you want to show about you on the internet, regardless of which social media platform you choose.

Thank you for reading.

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