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Let’s start our review by telling you what is RichPandas and how can you make money with it and more importantly, how can you save money.

What is RichPandas?

RichPandas is a platform very similar to TesterJob where you can actually make money when you test various products, review them, and keep the goods for free.

Is “RichPandas” available in your country?

Unfortunately, RichPandas is available only in the United States of America or for those who are using the “American” version of Amazon. This platform can be used even if you are from Germany, Spain, Italy, France, the United Kingdom. As you can see, RichPandas is very similar to the TesterJob platform (same concept, same design, etc).

Is RichPandas a legit company?

Yes, RichPandas is a legit company but, unfortunately, it’s not available worldwide.

How can you earn and save money with RichPandas?

Basically, they provide you the opportunity to get free products from Amazon when you test and review those products. 

But, why they are giving free products?

Giving free products is just another way to promote your business or products. Many people sell different goods on Amazon, but they want positive reviews.

In order to get those positive reviews, they are giving away FREE products for testing and review them, even money to attract more people to see and buy their goods. So, they contact the RichPandas to hire people with verified Amazon accounts to receive positive reviews for their products.

Note: A positive review is the “key” to receive free cash and products.

If by any chance, you don’t like a certain product and you want to give a bad review, you will not get a free product for that or your money back.

Now, let’s make an account…

As you can see in the image below, you have to add your basic information to complete this process.

RichPandas Create new account

Once you added all your information successfully, you can log in to your account. Like in the TesterJob platform, they will explain about every section and how it really works. Just click on each segment to get additional information to help you better understand RichPandas.

How can you get free products?

In the “Product Tests” section, you will see all the available products (vitamins, toys, jewelry, kitchen tools, etc). You can test up to 9 products per month.

Every product has 2 options:

  • cashback;

Cashback means that you will pay for the product, then you test and review it. After you give a positive review, you should get your money back.

  • prepay.

This option is for the ones with a verified Amazon account. In this case, they will pay the product for you, then you review it…

After you review it, you get to keep the product for free. And that is not all… Sometimes, you can get an extra cash bonus for testing that product.

These are the main steps to test and review a product:

  • go to the product page;
  • select which option you want (cashback or prepay);
  • Click on the “Perform Task”;
  • make a screenshot of the confirmation order;

Note: use your keyboard to make the screenshot. Then, use a program like IrfanView (free software) to see and save the screenshot.

  • upload your PrintScreen to RichPandas;
  • add your order ID from your Amazon account and then complete the transaction.

Once you receive the product, you need to review it on the Amazon

Note: You make the review on the product page from the Amazon.

After you made the review, you copy and paste that review (positive review with a 5-star evaluation) in RichPandas.

Important: the review must be original and contain more than 2 prases. So, use your imagination…

Can you cancel your order?

If you are not fully satisfied with the product or maybe you don’t have the necessary money to buy it, they give you the option to cancel your order. Just say what is the reason for canceling the order and that’s it.

What are the Gold Stars?

The “Gold Stars” bonus can be used to participate in monthly contests or it can be exchanged for cash.

How can you earn more gold stars?

Well, there are several techniques to increase your “Gold Stars” amount like:

  • complete tasks;
  • buy from their shop;
  • spin the wheel;
  • monthly drawings;
  •  free giveaways (money, hardware, etc).

How is their referral program?

Share your referral link to earn more. But, in order to earn from your referral, he needs to verify his account. If he verifies his account (his physical address, phone number, etc), you get an extra bonus of $5 instantly.

Note: This bonus can be earned by both of you.

And this is not the only bonus you can earn by sharing your referral link…If you have invited 10 people with verified accounts, you can earn $20 and 100 Gold Stars. For every 10 people you invite, you earn that bonus.

Register here

RichPandas Amazon products

How can you withdraw your funds?

The minimum amount necessary to withdraw is $15. Once you reach this amount, you can withdraw your money in your PayPal account.

I really love the idea behind RichPandas, and I think it is a great and legit way to earn some easy money and get Amazon products for free.

They know how to motivate you to use and interact with their platform by giving you free giveaways and reward you with great prizes.

In other words, you get free stuff without spending any money from your pocket.

Thank you for reading.

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