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What is Rev?

Rev is a freelance platform where you get paid to transcribe or captioning different audio and video files. These platforms are not fake and you can really earn big money using PayPal. It’s a legal business and it’s free to join, no matter where you live.

How to start as a transcriber at Rev?

Before you start working as a freelancer at Rev, you should know what transcribing really means. It’s not that complicated to work as a transcriber. All you have to do is listen to the audio or video, type what they are saying and fix any punctuation or capitalization errors. 

How do you register for Rev?

In order to access their registration page, just scroll down and at the bottom of the page, you will find a link called Freelancers. The registration link is located in the “About” section. Just click on the “Freelancers” link and you should reach the registration page. 

How to register with Rev

As you can see in the image above, they need some basic information about yourself.

Note: In case you have some problems when you register to Rev, try to use a VPN and change your location. Many people are using this method in order to be accepted.

I don’t know if this could get your account banned, but from other user reviews, I noticed that they were using VPN and they were not banned from that.

After you add the required information, you should choose the position you wish to apply.

There are 2 positions available:

  • transcriber;
  • captioner.

Note: the “captioner” job is better paid than the transcriptionist position because being a captioner needs an additional effort and requires some extra “moves” to complete this type of job. 

Rev pay per minute

After you add the needed information, they will put your English skills at work by giving you a test. This is a simple test but you need to have a decent level of English and grammar to complete it.

Basically, there are 4 steps needed to complete the registration:

  • add basic information;
  • grammar and punctuation test (multiple choices test);
  • guidelines about how they want you to transcribe or captioning;
  • sample to transcribe.

Note: don’t forget to use the short-cuts to help you transcribe. 

After you complete these necessary steps, you are ready to go and submit your application. You should receive an email from Rev in almost a week if your application was accepted.

What are the requirements to be accepted as a transcriptionist?

  • great English skill;

If your English level is not good enough, you will not be accepted as a transcriber at Rev.

  • English grammar;

This is another “must know” requirement that will help you be accepted. Improve your grammar level, especially if you are not a native English speaker.Search on Google for ways to check your grammar level.

It’s very important that you master this skill in order to earn money as a transcriber.

  • punctuation and capitalization of words.

The punctuation and capitalization is another requirement to help you type the word correctly. So, you have to be good at those too.

Also, when you transcribe, guessing words or doing some extra research are becoming important parts that can help you transcribe correctly.

  • fast typing.

How to get started?

After you get accepted, you need to go to the “Workspace”. This is the place where you will find all the jobs that needed to be transcribed.

At the right corner, you will see your name. Just click your name and then you should see the “Workspace”. Once you are in the Workspace, you are free to choose any of the transcribing tasks available. 

Note: In the beginning, you won’t find high paying tasks. Once you level up, the better pay jobs will be available for you to finish.

What are the Rev levels?

When you start with Rev, you are on the “Rookie” level.

There are 3 levels on Rev:

  • rookie;
  • revver;
  • revver+.

Every level has some requirements to complete. A certain amount of work and quality is necessary for you to level up and earn more benefits.

For example, in order to reach the “Revver” level, you need to work for at least 60 minutes and having good results regarding the accuracy of the task, alignment, etc.

Once you reach the last level, you will have many files (better and longer audio or video files) to transcribe or caption, and your earnings will grow very fast. You will receive many cool projects to help you improve your income. 

Note: Another interesting thing about the “Revver+” level is that you are going to receive FIRST all the best projects before the others from the “Revver” or “Rookie” levels.

How do you get paid?

All the money you earn from Rev is going directly to your PayPal account.

If you don’t have an account, please check this link PayPal and create one.

Register here

Rev Transcribe Review

Note: This link is clean. There is no referral code in it.

My advice to you is don’t despair, in case your application is rejected.  Try to improve some of the weak points before you reapply your application.

Do you think freelancing is for you?

If your answer is yes and you want to discover more freelance platforms, then you are free to check the “Freelance” category for more information.

Going freelancing is a great way to make money and it can be very enjoyable if you find and claim interesting projects like interviews with famous people or various movie trailers, etc.

If you don’t have anything to do or you got a lot of free time, then you should try to apply to some of these transcribing platforms. You don’t have nothing to loose. 

Thank you for reading.

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