Publish0x Review | Free Crypto, ETH ERC-20 tokens

What is Publish0x?

Publish0x is an interesting platform that pays you to READ articles. They pay you free cryptocurrency just for reading various articles.

I had to check myself to see if this method is a LEGIT way to earn free tokens.

I earned free bitcoin from sites like Clicks Genie or Volutic for reading emails, but this is my first time when I register to a platform where I get paid to read articles.

Note: You earn crypto, you don’t buy crypto. It’s free to use and it is available worldwide.

I was very surprised to see that it has no problem paying his members and it’s really easy to earn here.

How can you earn FREE tokens with Publish0x?

Read articles and get paid. I know it’s a little bit vague but it’s not that complicated.

Note: Reading the whole article is not necessary to get paid. Just scroll down to the end, and tip the author like in the picture below:

Publish0x Tips

Change the percentage to 20% for the author of the article and 80% for you. You can add your own settings for this. Use your imagination.

That’s it. You can do this job every 10 minutes.

For more information, just check the “Popular”, “New”, and “Crypto” sections for more articles.

But there is another way to earn free crypto here besides reading articles and tipping stuff.

You can earn free cryptocurrency by blogging. It’s the same operation but now the roles are reversed. Now people will read your articles and tip you differents amounts of crypto tokens.

If you have no problem in finding new content, you can try this way to earn more. The potential for this method is huge.

If the value for your article is high, imagine what impact could have for you hundreds or maybe thousands of readers…

Become an Author or a Blogger

It’s very simple to become an author or a blogger. All you need to do is to submit your application. Answer 3 questions and then submit your application for approving.

How can you withdraw your tokens?

You need to have a wallet that supports ETH ERC-20 tokens.

Note: Don’t use “Crypto Exchangers” to send your tokens.

Remember to add your addresses in the “Settings” section. You need to add the addresses for all 3 tokens (DAI, BAT, LRC).

Refer your friends and earn more tokens

Yes, they have a referral program too. They call it the Ambassador Program.

Share your link and earn 5% of every tip made by your referral. When I say 5% of every tip, I meant both tips (author and reader).

And, that’s not all you can earn when you refer. There are more benefits if you promote Publish0x.

Publish0x Register here

Please use this link to register

Publish0x Register

I really appreciate it if you are using my link to register.

Thank you for reading.

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