Earn BIG with PTCShare | An Excellent option to earn EXTRA

Earn BIG with PTCShare – Earn Considerable Earnings with the BEST PTC+RevShare of 2019 | Status: Paying
It’s a FREE to join, you have nothing to lose and you can even get a bonus when you join: 100 BAPs.

How do you earn in PTCShare?

Bonus Ad Points Reward Earning System
Well, you need BAPs (Bonus Ad Points) to get paid out more so more BAPs you have, the higher value your ads you be. The main strategy for this program is to keep your BAPs as high as possible; don’t let it drop too much otherwise it’s gonna get pennies per day as opposed to dollars per day from PTCShare.
There are a couple of ways you can earn BAPs and the best way to do it (increase your BAPs) is to get Bulk Ad Packs ($1 per pack).
There are other ways you can earn here like Offers, Surveys, Videos; they are common ways to earn on PTC sites.
You spend $0.05 and you receive $1. Great Deal, right?
Fantastic options for advertisers (lots of methods to advertise) | many cheap options to advertise your blog or referral link.

BAPs Groups

Earn BIG with PTCShare Groups Review

Referral Program

==>you earn 7% commission when your referral makes a purchase (ad buying reward);
==>you get 3% commission every time your referral is clicking his ads;
==>various DAILY referral rewards;
==>focus on your achievements to receive high rewards.
When you reach a minimum of $1, you can withdraw your money from your account.

My Latest Payment Proof

Earn BIG with PTCShare

Payment Options

==>Litecoin, Bitcoin, Payeer, SolidTrustPay and, Perfect Money.
For more info about this program, you can find here: My Traffic Value.

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Thank you for your support.
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