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PrizeRebel is one of the best Paid Survey Website, voted by many users on the internet as a stable and high paying GPT site with lots of surveys, offers-walls and many other ways to earn online.

It is a very organized company, with a friendly interface, easy to use. 

Is PrizeRebel available in your country?

PrizeRebel is available in almost all countries in the world. So, you don’t need to worry about finding opportunities to earn here. But you need to have patience.

How can you register for PrizeRebel?

It is very simple to register. Just add your basic information and that’s it.

Like most GPT sites, you have 2 methods to register:

  • Your First and Last name, Email address with password;

Note: Your email address must match with your PayPal email address.

  • Your Facebook account.

 After you finish adding all the information, you need to verify your account by clicking the confirmation link from your email address.


There are 5 memberships:

  • Bronze;
  • Silver;
  • Gold;
  • Platinum;
  • Diamond.

It will take some time and effort to reach higher levels for bigger rewards. If you want to reach higher levels, just earn points to level up.

As you can see in the image below, each level has its advantages from referral bonuses, prizes automatically paid out, other special bonuses to various discounts for the prizes when you actually withdraw your cash.

PrizeReble Memberships

How can you earn with PrizeRebel?

What are the earning options?

There are plenty of methods you can earn with this platform and here it is some of the ways to make some money here:

You can see how long it takes to complete a survey and how many points you can earn by sharing your opinion. As I said earlier, for some countries it does take some time and patience to make some money with this method.

Note: Keep in mind, you won’t qualify for all surveys. That’s a normal thing when you complete surveys online.

  • Watch videos (Smores.TV) on different categories;

Like in most GPT sites, you can earn from watching videos. But you won’t earn that much with this method. Once you finished watching those videos (3 videos plus ads), you will get the reward in your account.

It can be fun and entertaining to earn just by watching videos but it takes a little bit of patience (open a new tab and let it run all day).

  • Do Offer-Walls (play games, download apps, etc);

It is very important to read the information for every offer you are trying to complete.

  • Complete Daily Challenges;

If you reach a certain amount of points, you get an EXTRA bonus. 

  • Raffles, etc.

Promo Codes

This is a simple method to acquire more points. These codes you can find on Social Media. Check their Facebook or Twitter pages for these codes.

Copy these promotional codes and paste it in the “Promo Code” section. The amount of points you get from these codes is not that much but it’s an easy way to get it.

Note: Don’t forget to complete your profile. The more information you add, the more surveys they will send to you to complete.

Referral Program | Invite your friends

Share your invitation link and you can earn a 15% commission (bronze level).

The earnings you get from your referrals depends on your membership levels. Each level has a different percentage for the referral bonuses.

What are the payment options?

  • Gift Codes (you are going to receive an email withing 24-48 hours with the instructions).

The first cashout will take always 24 hours to be processed.
Reach 500 points ($5) and you can withdraw your cash from your account using PayPal or Gift Cards.

If you find this review helpful, please use my invitation link to register: 

Easy Money Complete Surveys

If you have enough time, just complete surveys, offers, videos or any other tasks to earn points and make a little bit of money online.

Thank you for reading.

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