PointClub Review | Sign-Up Cash Bonus, Daily Streak

PointClub is just another GPT site where you earn money by sharing your opinion, answering, and completing various surveys. Receiving a decent amount of surveys is depending mostly on your country you live in and your profile.

Sign-Up Bonus

When you register, you will receive a bonus of $5

Note: Actually, they won’t give you $5, but they will add to your account 5 000 points. These points you can exchange into cash.

What do you need to join PointClub?

The registration is very easy. You need to add your name, email address, password.

Also, you have the Social Media option to register. If you have a Facebook account (who doesn’t have a Facebook account, lol), you can use it to sign up.

After adding all the information, you will receive a confirmation link to verify your account.

Like in almost GPT sites (not just GPT sites), confirming your account with the link they send in your email account, it’s a normal operation. They just want to see that the information you provide is real. And they will reward you for completing this task.

How do you make money with PointClub?

In your PointClub dashboard, you will see various surveys to complete. Each survey contains information about how long does it take to complete, how many points you earn for doing that survey or how many days it requires to level up (10 levels).

Each time you increase your level, you will get rewarded from 10% to 100% bonuses when you reach the last level.

If you want to know more about this feature, please check the “Daily Streak” section. Make sure to be active (login into your account at least once per day) to get the most benefits from Daily Streak.

Note: You need to know, like in almost all GPT (surveys) sites, there is a chance you won’t qualify for all the surveys.

  • Offer-Walls;

Also, you can earn money for doing Offers-Walls like OfferToro, Adgate, or Rev Universe.

Read the information for each offer you want to complete and you will be fine.

  • Post promo codes;

On the right side, you will see a section called “Daily Sweeps ShoutBox”. All you need to do is post different codes from their Facebook page. Check and like the posts from their page for new codes and then type it to participate in their daily contest.

Are you feeling lucky?

Because the winner can win 1 000 points. There will be 10 winners. Good luck.

  • Watch Videos

Grab your PopCorn and start watching videos (joking…).You can not earn much by doing this. You must watch at least 13 videos to earn 30 points. That is very low.

That is why I added the PopCorn, at least you get something for doing this.

Payment Options

There are more options to exchange your points to PayPal money:

  • 25 000 points ($25);
  • 50 000 points ($50);
  • 100 000 points ($100).

I know reaching $25 might be harder, but you do have many opportunities to earn here. Also, if you are active, you can use the Daily Streak option to get more bonuses. And, don’t forget about the sign-up bonus when you register.

If you want to register, use this link:

PointClub Register

Note: As you can see, this link does not contain a referral code.

Thank you for reading.

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