Payeer Wallet | Payment Platform, E-Currency Exchange

What is Payeer?

Payeer Wallet is a payment processor, very similar to PayPal or Payoneer.

Being one of the most popular payment systems, Payeer is giving full financial to its customers, small fees and, of course, no limits (for verified members).

But what one of my favorite parts is instant payments from the program’s partners. Who doesn’t like instant payments?

They operate in almost 200 countries including France, Germany, the United Kingdom (almost all the countries from the Euro Zone), India, Nigeria and many more.

If you want to use the “bank transfer” option, your account should be verified. For that, you need to upload certain documents to complete the verification process.

The verification process is not necessary for all operations. You need to upload documents to verify your identity (KYC or Know Your Customer | identity check) if you use the “bank transfer” function.

Payeer Wallet | Registration Process

It’s really simple to create a Payeer account, the registration is very short. You are gonna receive an email confirmation from Payeer with the code to validate the registration.

Remember: Keep the password as complex as you can make it, use numbers, letters or symbols to make your password strong.

Master Key

After you are confirming your account with the code you will receive a MASTER KEY and most importantly this master key should be written down safely.

If you lose this master key, you are not gonna be able to buy or sell currencies with the system.

Currencies Supported

Well, the main currencies supported by Payeer Wallet are US Dollar, Russian Ruble (Russian currency) or Euro.

Crypto currencies like Ethereum, Bitcoin, Ripple, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin or Dashcoin are available too. These are separate accounts or wallets.

Referral Program | Commission 10%

Payeer gives you the possibility to earn more with its referral program. Share your referral link to your colleagues, friends or other persons to earn more cash.

You receive commissions for the fees they collect from these transactions.

You can withdraw your hard-earned money from your account to Ukrainian Bank, Visa or MasterCard. Go straight to the “Withdraw” button and it’s gonna send you to the “Transfer” page.

It is important to insert the amount in the “Total” section, not in the “Amount” section.

Try not to add the amount of cash in the “Amount” first because it will basically add the commission taking by Payeer.

And as a result, it will be more than you have in your balance and that’s why it is recommended to add it first in the “Amount” section.

What do you think about Payeer? Is it worth our time and money? Tell us what are your thoughts.

Thank you.

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