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Earn money online with PaidVerts <Best Place for Passive Earnings | Status: Paying

Bonus Ad Points System

If you want to make a good income from PaidVerts you need to understand the Bonus Ad Points System. Bonus ad Points are the backbone of PaidVerts.

Main Concept: the MORE bonus ad points you make, the MORE paid advertisements you will get to view. One way to earn Bonus Ad Points (BAPs) is to view Activation Ads.

Every day you will receive 8 (eight) Activation Advertisements and this is how the viewing process looks like:
Viewing an Advertisement==>Complete the captcha==>View the WebSite for 5-30 seconds.

Captcha Settings: in the Account Data section you are able to change the captcha: Visual Captcha, Solvemedia, and Recaptcha. The easiest and more enjoyable captcha is VisualCaptcha, therefore, is recommended to choose this captcha.

Bonus Ad Points | Earn Money Online

Bonus Ad Points serve two things: Paid Ads are sent to you in exchange for the bonus ad points (BAPs) you have accumulated.
The accumulated BAP’s will place you in a certain BAP Group.

Remember: The higher that group is, the more BAP’s you have, the BETTER the rewards you receive.

Keep in mind that you will NOT receive paid ads immediately after clicking on your Activation Ads. Paid Advertisements will arrive 18 hours after clicking on your Activation Advertisements.

Buy a Bulk AD Pack

Every Ad Pack (basic price $1) delivers:

  • 50 user visits for 5 seconds and 30 seconds each;
  • 25 banner impressions (728×90 or 468×60);
  • 100 banner impressions (125×125).

Important: Buy $1 Bulk Ads and you will get 2400 BAP’s or $1.2 worth of ads (2000 BAP’s is equivalent to $1 worth of paid ads).

PaidVerts is owned by MyTrafficValue (crowdfunding platform) and you can use the SAME login data for both sites (PaidVerts and MyTrafficValue).

Achievement Points | Earn Money Online

All you need to know about the Achievement System is: More Achievement Points (APS) will lead to BETTER money rewards (extra cash advertisements).
How to get Achievement Points: daily logging into your account, play games, refer a friend, watch various ads, buy advertisements, etc.

Upgrade your Account

The UPGRADE will cost only $0.05 and you will receive $1 Recycled Advertisements, in that case, it is recommended that you upgrade your account.

My last payment proof | May 20, 2020

Paidverts Payment Proof | Earn money online

Referral Program

  • 10% commission of every advertisement bought by your referral;
  • 5% commission of every advertisement seen by your referral.

Important: Please use the REAL date. Don’t lie about that.

Withdraw Options

✅Bitcoin: $1; Litecoin: $1; Perfect Money: $1; SolidTrustPay: $10; Neteller: $5; OK PAY: $1; Payeer: $1.

earn money online

Thank you for your support.

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