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I will be sharing with you a website where you can earn free bitcoins. is one of my favorite bitcoin faucets with many ways to earn online.

Sign Up Bonus: up to $2.5 😀.

Since I started to use this faucet, they have made many updates with lots of ways for us to earn free bitcoin. And the best part is all of this can be done without any money from your pocket. It’s totally free

How does it work? What do you need to do to earn here?

 On your dashboard, you can find a lot of stuff like:

  • Bitcoin Faucet (60 mins);

It is the easiest way to earn bits every hour. You roll the faucet (between 1 to 100 000), it will show you how many bits you earn. If you are lucky and hit the number 100 000, you earn 400 000 bits.

  • Short-Links;
  • Offers, Paid  Surveys;

Completing surveys and offers is one of the main ways that people use to earn here. If you have some time to kill, you can make some extra money here.

Answering questions, giving your evaluations on different things, downloading apps, trying different products or services or simply watching some videos, it can really help you earn here.

  • Contests (Refferal, Short-Links and OfferWalls);
  • Lottery and many more. Memberships

You can deposit funds to advertise, for example, but I wouldn’t recommend. Also, you can deposit to upgrade your membership. There are 4 memberships:

  • Basic (FREE)
  • Silver
  • Gold
  • Diamond.

You can see more information about these memberships in the image below.

MoreMoney Review


When you achieve various purposes and complete different stuff, you can earn extra rewards or bonuses. They, also, have PTC offers (almost 20 ads) to click every single day.

Note: 1 bits = 1 satoshi.

My Payment Proof | April 28, 2020 April 28 2020 Payment Proof

Referral Program

Yeah, you can earn satoshi by sharing your referral link. You get a 25% commission when your referral claims the faucet and 3% when he completes a survey or an offer.

They, also, provide you with advertisement materials like banners to put them on your website or blog and start promoting this program.

What are the withdrawal options?

If you like my review, please use my link to register

MoreMoney Register

It’s a nice and easy way to get free BTC.

Thank you.

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