Money SMS App Review | Receive SMS & Get Paid

What is Money SMS App?

I don’t know if you heard about this type of apps, but Money SMS is a texting application that pays you money to receive SMS.

How can you make money from SMS?

Various Telecom companies want to test their networks by sending SMS (text) and see if the networks are working without any problems.

So, they send you SMS and you get paid for receiving those texts. It’s my first time when I heard about earning with SMS and I am very curious about it.

Sign-Up Bonus

If you download this app, you receive $0.25. But if you use a referral code, you receive another $0.25. So, for installing this application, you will receive $0.50.

Is Money SMS available in your country?

Unfortunately, it’s not available in all countries. Sometimes, this app will be unavailable for you to register.

You will subscribe for updates and they will inform you in your email when you will be able to make an account. Remember, for that you need to subscribe… 

Also, you can check if your network is available for the Money SMS app. If your network is on the list, you can download the app.

How do you start?

Register with your phone number, internet connection active, run the app & keep it active, and start receiving various SMS.

How much you get per SMS?

This is a good question to see if it’s worth your time to use this app. In theory, you get paid $0.02 for every SMS you receive.

Important: This application does NOT read your private SMS. They only send texts to test the networks.

But how many SMS can you receive?

Well, it’s kinda hard to tell you how many SMS can you get by using the Money SMS app. There are a few people who are saying they are not receiving enough texts to reach the minimum. But, there are more people who actually received many payments and they are still earning without any issues.

Note: You can DELETE all the SMS you receive.

Does this SMS contain anything dangerous for your phone?

The answer is no. You don’t need to see any ads or answer any stupid questions. This is an example of a random SMS you might be receiving if you chose to use this mobile app.

Money SMS Example

As you can see, the message from this SMS has no meaning, it is just some strange characters and numbers…

What about the referral program?

Yes, they have a referral program. When your referral withdraws, you receive 30% of that amount.

Which method can you use to get paid?

You can use multiple methods to get paid:

  • Cryptocurrencies like BTC, Ethereum, or Litecoin.

What is the minimum to withdraw?

  • $2.

If you are not sure about this application, you can check the latest reviews from the people who download it.

There are 2 ways to download this app:

  • Link to the Google Play
Money SMS Google Play
  • Link from their website

Money SMS App

Note: This is not a referral link and does not contain any referral code. It’s a simple link and if you want to use it, go ahead.

Pro or Against it 😉

Please, if you are using this application, share your experience with us. What is good and what is bad about this app from your point of view.

Thank you for reading.

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