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Monese | Digital Banking Solution, Unique Integrations

It’s fast, It’s free, It’s Monese Smart Banking, done right 😀.

What is the main idea behind this fantastic project?

Well, Monese is a digital smart banking solution that wanted to make banking available for all the people in the world. This allows you to open a bank account very quickly with just a phone and your id card, passport or driver license.

If you want to open a bank account in the European Union and you want this process to be easier and faster, Monese is the right choice for your money.

Monese Smart Banking

Normally, you need to bring tons of papers to prove that you a real person to open a bank account, the process is too slow. I really hate that or maybe I am too 😉 lazy…

Note: We all know, unfortunately, if we don’t have a proof of our address, banks (the mighty banks) don’t want to do anything with you, you can’t use their service…you are like a pariah.

Monese | Sign up BONUS up to £25 or €25

Monese is here to solve that problem by providing you a secure banking service.

This application is recommended, especially, for the people who work, study or live in another country. You can use this application to receive your salary or pay your bills, and many other activities.

Note: For now, Monese is available in the United Kingdom and the European Union. In the future, they will add more countries.

Monese Smart Banking | What Monese have to offer?

This company offers you a prepaid current account (euro, British pound or your national coin) where, for example, you can transfer money directly using a debit card or credit card to add funds. 

Best Monese Cards Review

Monese is giving you all the management tools (spending insights, savings, etc) to use properly this application.

Another cool thing about Monese is that you receive your own IBAN.

But what is an IBAN number?

IBAN stands for International Bank Account Number. IBAN is designed to get your money to the right destination as fast as possible. With IBAN, all the transactions are simplified and more accurate.

Where can you find the IBAN number?

Normally, this number is on the bank account statement. But there are other ways to find it like going to your bank or if you don’t have time, you just call your bank.

Note: When you transfer your money, please check very closely ALL the details. You don’t want to transfer your money to the wrong account.

How to register to Monese Smart Banking?

It’s very simple to make an account with Monese. The whole registration process takes about 5 minutes, maybe faster.  

Validate your account

You need to take a picture of your id card, passport or driver license. Additionally, after taking the picture, you will have to say some numbers in front of your phone camera so they can see you are a real person. And…That’s it.

Note: All the transactions are FREE. Everything is just done through your phone. Monese is compatible with Google Pay, Apple Pay. Also, you can link your account with PayPal.

Monese give you 3 memberships: Simple (free), Classic and Premium. Choose free membership and you are alright. In time, if you are satisfied with their services, you can choose another membership.

Monese Sign up BONUS | My Code GEOR1006 😉

  1. Click on the banner bellow | Use my code GEOR1006
Monese Smart Banking Bonus

Use my link and you can win a bonus up to £25 or €25 😀. Only after you complete your FIRST transaction (buy a gum, for example), you get that BONUS.

2. Scan the QR code | Fast Register


Please SCAN the QR code with your smartphone. This will lead you to the Monese Registration Form.

Monese Scan QR code

Note: If you don’t use a referral code, you won’t be able to get that bonus. This promotion won’t be FOREVER. So, if you want to join Monese, now it’s time to do that.

Your first transaction can be something like buying gum or something CHEAP. 

Note: Make transactions of 500 and you receive another 15.

It’s really such a joy to use this application. I am very impressed with it and I really recommend it to anyone. I never had any problems or instability in using this great application. 

Thank you for reading.

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