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Linkvertise is a safe german platform launched in 2018 where you can earn good money to shorten various “ugly” links. People watch ads or videos and you get paid PayPal money for that.

Promote the links and start making money online with Linkvertise.

Linkvertise Sign-Up | What are the steps to register?

It is very simple to sign-up, all you need to do is to add your username, email address, password, and of course confirm your password.

Please try to choose a strong password to make your account more secure. And, don’t forget to verify your account.

Can you really make money with Linkvertise?

Yes, you can earn money and it’s not complicated. You shorten your link, promote the link and you get paid. Shortening your links is the easiest part, the real work begins when you have to promote the links.

Because if no one is seeing your links, you won’t earn any money.

How can you earn with Linkvertise?

Let’s say you found a way to promote your links. The main idea behind Linkvertise or any other similar site is that when someone is clicking your link, they will wait for 15 seconds and see different advertisements.

This is how they make money by showing advertisements to the person who clicked your link.

Linkvertise provides you all the information (your RPM, the clicks, and the impressions) to help you calculate your earnings.

What is RPM?

RPM is revenue per mile. The RPM is calculated by how much you can earn. The earnings which you make are divided by 1 000. The RPM is all about impressions or requests.

Browser Extension

If you want to earn more, just download the extension and install it in your browser. If you use the chrome browser, you can install the Linkvertise chrome extension to increase your earnings.

How to shorten a link?

It’s very simple. Just click the “Create Link”, make the necessary settings and you are done.

Also, if you get confused about choosing between “Continue” or “Go”, don’t worry about it. Choose the “Continue” options, to be sure.

When you click the “Redirect URL”, you will see 4 options:


After completing these steps, you have to make the settings for your links like Title, Description, or the URL. 

And the final step, you need to choose the final settings like Browser Addon, Notifications, etc.

Pay attention to these last options and choose which you want active and which you don’t.

Note: Enabling The “Video” option can earn more money but it can be very annoying to people. Watching a video to get a link can be very frustrating.

So, chose carefully…

Of course, you can do something else while you are watching that video.

Payment Options

  • Checks;
  • Prepaid Debit Card;
  • Bank Transfer.

The payments can be manual or automatic. Chose your favorite way to cash out.

Register here:

Linkvertise Create Account

Thank you for reading.

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