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What is LinkCollider and how can you use this tool to improve your traffic to your blog or website?

LinkCollider can be your answer to how to get or increase traffic to your website, blog, or any Social Media account. You can use this platform to increase traffic to your youtube videos, also.

There are many cheap ways to improve your presence online using this amazing SEO platform. Check this and you won’t regret this.

How to register with LinkCollider?

You have 2 options to register:

  • Email;

You need to add your nickname, email address, and password.

The registration is absolutely FREE, you don’t need to put money here to promote your links.

How to use the LinkCollider tool?

LinkCollider can be used to get free CHEAP traffic to your content at no cost whatsoever.

After you register, the first thing you need to do is add your website, twitter page, youtube channel, etc.

You will be asked to add information like URL, title, description, or rewards. Also, you can select the reward you are ready to pay other people for their activity (likes, followers, traffic, tweets, etc) on your website, blog, or youtube channel, etc.

How can you earn tokens?

There are 2 ways to earn tokes:

  • collect tokens (free method);

“Collect Tokens” section is the place where you can earn free tokens. You can use these tokens to promote your links. It’s very simple to use.

If you don’t have tokens, nobody can see your website or channel, etc.

  • buy tokens.
LinkCollider Buy credits

Note: You can not view your own website on the list. 


You can use this platform for free, but if you want more benefits you can upgrade your membership.

There are 2 Memberships:

  • Premium;
  • Gold.

For both memberships you have 2 options:

  •  1 month;
  • 1 year.
LinkCollider Upgrades

You can use PayPal or credit & debit cards if you want to buy these upgrades.

Note: If you don’t like the results, you can always cancel the subscription.

Does LinkCollider have a referral system?

Yes, you can share your link and earn a 20% referral commission.On their website, they say you can earn up to $55.99 per referral. 

So, if you are skilled in promoting stuff, this platform can be a real winner for you.

This platform has a high potential to improve SEO for your website or youtube videos if it used properly.

Start your journey today and register to LinkCollider

LinkCollider Register here

Thank you for reading.

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