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Hostgator is one of the most popular web host services out there. Also, it is one of the cheapest hosting companies, so this is very important, especially if you are new and want to build a website.

It offers web hosting, dedicated servers (available for Linux and Windows), FREE domains or VPS (virtual private servers) hosting.

Hostgator Pricing

Hostgator provides you a wide range of options for pricing.

 Shared Web Hosting (60% off | promo offers)

If you are new and you want to have your first blog or any kind of website, Shared Hosting can be a great option for you because it is cheap, secure, it has good customer service, etc.

Hostgator has 3 different plans:

  • Hatchling Plan ($2.75 per month);

That is actually pretty good considering the competition.

  • Baby Plan ($3.95 per month);
  • Business Plan ($5.95 per month).

As you can see, the low pricing starts at only $2.75 per month. That is one of the cheapest packages out there. This price is available only if you buy one for the whole year. 

In the image below, you can see the Hatchling Plan is only $2.75 per month if you buy the whole year. But when you purchase this plan, you only get a single domain.

Hostgator Shared Hosting

If you buy the Baby Plan or the Business Plan, you get unlimited domains. Having unlimited domains, you can have multiple websites. With only $3.95, you can have many websites with on package.

It is all up to you to choose what plan is recommended for your website.

Website Builder

If you like using website builders like Wix, Weebly, Squarespace or anything similar to those, Hostgator provides you their own builder software.

You can type your own text or you can add your own images. For using this builder, you have to pay, unfortunately.

Hostgator Website Builder

I don’t recommend using this website builder because you can use WordPress which is free and you can install it with Hostgator.

 Hostgator cPanel

Control Panel or cPanel is very important for your website. You can use cPanel to make the necessary settings to make your website visible to Google, for example.

Of course, there are lots of things you can do with cPanel. Inside cPanel, you have many icons like WordPress installer (just click it and install WordPress), SSL  Certificates, Website Plugins or the File Manager.

The Control Panel is user-friendly, easy to use. What do you want more than large icons to manage your files, checking traffic statistics or accessing webmail?

Security and Privacy

Hostgator offers you free SSL which is great because not all of the web hosting providers offer you free SSL. So you don’t have to go spend any money to have this enabled on your website.

Note: SSL Security is very important for a website. Not having an SSL certificate could have a negative effect on your website and also on how search engines see your website. It’s important for Google and that means your website will rank better.

Customer Support

After you call the customer support, you will be guided step by step until your problem is fixed. The chat support is not so effective as phone support.

If you have problems with Hostgator, phone support is recommended for fixing your issue with your hosting services.

With Hostgator, you get FREE migration for your website. It also has a big refund policy for 45 days; most of the web providers offer only 30 days refund policy.

Important: All plans are set on “autorenewal”. If you want to change that setting, you must contact the support and ask for cancelation.

Try it, you don’t like Hostgator, that’s it and you get your money back.
If you have one small blogging website with a few pages and you are not concerned about the speed, Hostgator can be a good solution for you.

If you are interested and want to get the most savings out of Hostgator, please register here:

Hostgator Register

More Hosting Web Providers: GreenGeeks, A2 Hosting 😉

Thank you for reading.

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