Fight monsters with HitBits, Upgrade your Hero | Free BTC

What is HitBits?

HitBits is a crypto fantasy game where you fight different monsters and earn free crypto (bitcoin and dogecoin). Also, you get paid for doing simple tasks like completing surveys, watching videos, or following short-links, etc. 

What are the main currencies?

HitBits has 3 main currencies:

  • gold;

The “Gold” currency is mainly used to buy different items from the market.

  • tokens;
  • credits.

Fight monsters and earn tokens

There are several ways to increase your token balance:

  • claim faucet;

Every 15 minutes, you can claim their faucet and earn up to 20 tokens.

  • Click PTC ads;

Unfortunately, there aren’t too many ads to click. The number of ads depends on the members who advertise their programs. You can earn up to 12 tokens for an 8-second ad.

If you get lucky and catch a 50-second ad, then your reward will be bigger.

  • surveys and offers;

This is an easy way to increase your tokens. But, it really depends on your location to get any surveys and offers to complete.

  • short-links;

I am not a big fan of doing short-links because of the pop-ads. If you are not careful, you can infect your computer when you are doing these short-links. 

  • raids;

Raiding and fighting bosses is just another fun way to get tokens and upgrade your character. 

  • Share your referral link, etc.

How can you upgrade your character to fight monsters?

I really love playing role-playing games, so this crypto game was a very pleasant surprise for me. Fighting monsters is not an easy task, especially if your character is weak.

If you are not strong enough, then you won’t earn anything. And, if you don’t make money, then it’s a waste of time.

There are 5 stats you can improve:

  • strength;

Improving this stat will increase your damage.

  • defense;

Having a good defense will lower the damage you receive from the “Bosses”.

  • dexterity;

Increase your dexterity to get better loots or items (gold).

  • energy;

This is very important when you fight against monsters. Improve your energy level and fight MORE.

  • health.

If you fight against superior opponents you need to have better health to support their hits.

How can you earn credits?

There are several ways to earn credits but the most important one is hiring mercenaries.

As you can see in the image below, you can hire mercenaries between 30 and 120 days, and they earn you 3 credits per hour.

Hitbits Mercenaries

But, you need to know something before you start hiring mercenaries. Mercenaries need food to earn credits for you. The longer you hire them, the more resources they need.

Note: when you hire them, make sure you have enough food to support your mercenaries. 

HitBits Payment Proof | June 28, 2020 😉

HitBits payment proof June 28, 2020

Refer more people and increase your income

There are 3 ways to earn from your referrals:

  • 25% when your referral claim the faucet;
  • earn between 5% and 10% when he completes a survey or an offer;
  • increase your chances to get an item (up to 5%).

How do you get paid?

Check your “Credits” balance, because you must have 25 000 credits in order to request a payment.

Note: 1000 Credits = $0.01.

If you have enough credits to ask for a payment, then you can select one of these options:

  • Dogecoin (this will be added soon).

Note: Try to complete some offers to reach faster the minimum. Once your request is approved, your bitcoin will be sent to your wallet in almost 5 days or less.

Register and Fight monsters with HitBits

hitbits fight monsters

Thank you for reading.

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