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HitBits – The Ultimate Game Battle Concept (fight monsters) | Status: Paying

You can upgrade your warrior (the main stats are Strength, Defence, Dexterity, Energy, and Health) and battle with the others and then withdraw your hard-earned money to your bitcoin wallet or dogecoin wallet.
Increasing your Dexterity, you will increase the chance to get better drops from raids.

These are the main currencies in this game

  • gold;

You can use “GOLD” to buy different items on the market.

  • tokens;

1 Token equivalent to 5 credits on the market.
Tokens can be exchanged through the currency exchange. You can use tokens to buy stuff from the market.
Tokens can be made with the help of faucet or through short-links or with the referrals.

  • credits.

Keep in mind, 1000 Credits = USD$0.01. The credits can be used to buy various items from the market or you can withdraw for Bitcoin or Dogecoin.

How can you earn credits?

Well, there are several ways where you can earn credits:

  • Raids;
  • With credits, you can purchase mercenaries (between 30 days and 120 days). You earn from your mercenary 3 credits per hour. Mercenaries use 2 food per hour, this is an important factor when you buy mercenaries.
  • One straightforward method to obtain credits is through the currency exchange.


Every time you level up (fight monsters), you gain 8 points to upgrade your character. You have the possibility to buy certain items gain on the market; these items are so-called “books of knowledge”.

Keep in mind: every 2 minutes, your health regenerates with 2 points for Energy and 5 points to your health.

Referral Options

Earn 25% from your referral claim.
You get between 5% and 10% when your referral completes an offer or surveys.
Last but not least important, you get a 5% item drop.

HitBits Payment Proof | March 15, 2020 😉

HitBits payment proof March 15, 2020

How do you get paid

  • ExpressCrypto (micro-wallet);
  • Bitcoin Wallet;
  • Dogecoin Wallet.

Register here, if you are interested:

hitbits fight monsters

Thank you.

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