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What is Google Pay?

Google Pay is owned by Google (duh…😁) and it is a combination of a couple of their platforms. These platforms were Android Pay and Google Wallet.

There are lots of websites who accept this app as a payment option.  You could say that Google Pay is a consolidation of various payment platforms into one big place.

All the information from your debit and credit card are stored safely on Google servers. So, you don’t need to worry about your personal information, they are in a safe place.

This application is a lot faster than a physical card and that should be an important factor for you to think about using Google Pay app.

Note: Purchasing with Google Pay is a safe way of doing a transaction. The card details are never transferred to the retailer where you made a purchase.

How do you use this application?

If you want to send money to friends, family or receive money from them (android users and iOS users), you can use Google Pay. Also, you can use this app to pay for different products or services.

Of course, if you go to a fancy restaurant, you can use it there too. There are many ways to use this application in your daily life. 

Also, you can use this app to withdraw money from an ATM. Yeah, that’s right. How cool is that?

How do you install Google Pay?

It is very simple to install this application on your mobile phone. Just go to Google Play and then just install it. You are going to need a Gmail account to install this application. It’s gonna ask you to connect your Gmail account and to access your location (your phone location).

Why asking about location?

Because this application is not available in all the countries or it can inform you if you are in a place that uses Google Pay as a payment option.

So turn on the “Location History” to get notification about where is available.

Google Pay with Monese
Google Pay and Monese

Note: If it’s not available in your country, you can use the Monese Application to add a card to Google Pay. More information on how to use Monese, you can find right here.

Then you can add your cards by simply tapping on the “Payment” tab or you can add it going to the “Home” section. After adding your cards, the bank will verify this operation.

You are going to receive a verification number; you can choose the location where you want to receive that number (email address or your phone number).

Note: You can add many cards to Google Pay including royalty cards and gift cards. You can store on this application various tickets like concert tickets, plane tickets or sporting tickets, etc.

How does this work?

It uses a technology called NFC (near field communication) to connect with the register. NFC works only from a short-range.

You have to tap devices very close to each other to make it work. When you go to a restaurant or some kind of store, check for the “Wireless” symbol. 

How secure is using Google Pay?

As I said earlier, all the card information is stored on Google servers, not on the app. So, as long as you keep your card safe, you won’t have any problem.

They use tokenization which means that all your private information (card details) is not stored on your app. Also, when you add a card, the application contact your bank then the bank will generate a virtual number( a token).

This code is kept on your phone. Finally, when you buy something, you are gonna use payment tokens. Tokenization is an important way to keep your data safe.

Thank you for reading. 

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