Freelance Jobs | What is a Freelancer, Tips, Platforms

Freelance Jobs | What do you need to become a freelancer?

Freelancing (getting freelance jobs) will become a huge part of your life if you are choosing this to earn money online.It will be an important thing in your life if you wish to go freelance and to become self-employed.

What is freelance?

If your desire is to be self-employed then freelancing is a great option for you. But remember, being a freelancer will not bring money for you immediately. You are gonna need a long time to confirm yourself in the domains you want to work on.

If you really think that self-employment (Freelance Jobs) is the right choice for you then go ahead.Before you go freelance, you need to think what is your talent and how much its worth. That is a very important step you need to make before you go freelance. After that, you need to set a price for your abilities so the ones (clients) who want to hire you, they know what to expect from you and vice versa.

Freelance Jobs Platforms

 Having a full-time job and freelancing is a great way to earn money, until you get some experience, build your client network and then you can go full time freelancing.

You can do this without a full-time job but it will need some sacrifices from you like restricted yourself from food (buying only cheap food),  or other normal stuff like energy, rent or electricity. This way you can save a lot of money to improve your freelancing skills.

Work for free

To improve your skills or get more experience, you should, at the beginning work for free. I know you don’t like the idea of working for free but think about it and you will see that I am right. To get more jobs you need to be good at what you are doing. And how you become better, by practicing. So do a little free work, it will not kill you…

Business Insurance

Business insurance is a very important factor in freelancing. This way you can protect yourself by ensuring all your equipment, for example. Many clients consider this really important so you need to make this possible and get business insurance.

The Contract

Another important thing in freelancing is the contract. For every single project you get, you should use a contract to protect yourself, so you don’t get tricked or screwed by clients. Use many details in your contract so you can be better protected, consult a lawyer to help you improve this contract.

The Taxes

When you go freelancing, you should think about taxes. I know you don’t like this subject but it’s very important. When a client is paying you for a job, the government will not take money from you because YOU have to pay taxes for the cash you earned from freelancing. This way you avoid having trouble with the government so save money for this.

How to get clients? How to get Freelance Jobs?

It is kinda hard to answer this question but I will try. The simplest way to find clients is through your friends or family. Try to offer your skills to them or maybe they know someone who needs someone with your skill.

Give them your business card to contact you or you can build a website where you can show what talents you have or what you have done so far (your experiences).

If you have a website, try to advertise your website, to get more traffic. Try to use social media (Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, etc) to advertise your website.

Another way to get clients is to use some of these freelancing platforms:

Remember: all of these platforms take a percentage of all of your earnings. Don’t worry, that is normal.

Starting a freelance is the right choice for you if you have a talent or ability . If you really want to do this and make an extra buck, it can really change your life for the better.

These freelancing platforms can give you the ability to earn some money really fast. If you have more freelancing tips, just write in the comment section.

Thank you for reading.

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3 months ago

thanks for sharing this … as far as I know this is the only legitimate way to earn money online