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Free Gift Cards

If anyone wants to make some money online and doesn’t want to spend any money (0 dollars) to make it, this is another website you can use to earn some extra bucks. Points Prizes is an amazing GPT website where you can earn Free Gift Cards.

If you have some extra time then this is one website you can make some money for free.

PointsPrizes (Free Gift Cards) is just like a lot of sites out there like. You can complete surveys, watch videos, do various offers, you can refer people and get paid through PayPal or you can choose another method to get paid.

The FIRST thing you need to know is you don’t need to use a password to log into your account, you just sign up with your email address and, of course, log into your account with the same email.

When you log into your account, you will have the main view with the TOP offers; Points Prizes has several ways to earn online, not just completing surveys or offers.

PointsPrizes is that it has quite a lot of various offer walls or surveys for you to complete and get paid. On the menu, on the left, there is a menu called “Claim Prizes” and when you click this, you will see the payout methods by which you will get paid once you reach the threshold (3000 points or $20).

Using these coupon codes, you will get 500 Free Points. Keep in mind you can use these codes only one time and until you reach 500 points. After you reach 500 points using these codes, you can’t use it anymore.

Free Coupon Codes

Free Gift Cards Codes

Payout Methods | Free Gift Cards

PlayStation, PayPal, Steam, Bitcoin and many other methods. The value of the points is not always the same for each payout choice.

The point value depends on the reward you prefer to use for withdrawing.

Marketing Program

PointsPrizes will pay you money when you refer to people. If you want to earn more than EXTRA bucks then referring people is the right way to do it. You get a 10% commission.

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Free Gift Cards

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