Free Cash Lotto Review | Giveaways, Awesome Prizes

What is Free Cash Lotto?

Free Cash Lotto is a platform specialized in FREE giveaways, lotteries and many other ways to increase your earnings for free. It’s not so easy to win money here, but it’s totally free.

Maybe you get lucky and win something…I really hope you are lucky enough to earn something here. I really do…

Is this really FREE?

Yes, everything about this platform is free. You don’t need to pay anything to make some money here.

How can Free Cash Lotto be free?

That’s a good question. With the help of paid advertisements, surveys, or various offers, they manage to keep this platform free for all the members. 

What can I do to register?

It’s very simple to join Free Cash Lotto. All you need to add is basic information like your first name, last name, username, and password.

Note: Check your email for the confirmation link to validate your account.

Free Giveaways | Cash Bonuses Every Day

Their system will choose randomly 1 member to win this prize. All your activity on this platform will increase your BONUS amount.

Important: If you are not active for 7 days, they will suspend your account. If you got suspended, you can reactivate your account just by login into your account.

But, there is a catch here: You can not claim any free giveaways for 24 hours. Try to be active, you only need 5 minutes to do all the work here.

How can you make money with Free Cash Lotto?

You have 5 main options to earn here:

  • The Daily Draw;

You must pick 3 numbers to participate in the “Daily Draw”. If you are lucky, you can win up to £1000.

Note: If you have a second thought about the numbers you picked, you have the possibility to change those numbers.

  • Free UK Lotto;

There are 2 draws per week (Wednesday and Saturday).

How can you earn with the Free Lotto?

Every day you receive a free ticket (7 tickets per week). Just login to your account, go to the “Play Lotto Free” and enter your ticket (entry).

They choose the winners randomly.

How much can you win?

You can win up to 10% of the total cash prize.

  • Euro Millions;

Like in “Free Lotto“, there are 2 draws per week (Tuesday and Friday). It’s almost similar to the “Free Lotto” section (1 ticket per day).

  • Bonus;
  • Referral Program.

Note: The referral needs to validate his account (email address) to earn something from his activity.

Is there a referral program?

Yes, they have a referral program.Share your link and you earn 1 ticket per referral and a lot more free cash bonuses.

Note: The prizes in cash are high, so the chances to win something are kinda low but not impossible. But, everything about this website is free and it does not require any effort to earn here.

That’s why I tried this platform. It needs only 5 minutes per day to submit your entries for each free giveaway.

What are the options to make a withdrawal?

You have 3 options to redeem your earnings:

  • Bank Transfer;

This option is available only for payment larger than £50.

Are the payments instant?

The instant payments are not available on this platform.

If you won, they will contact you within 7 days and then you will receive your cash prize.

I have heard a lot of good things about this website and, most importantly, they actually pay their members. That’s a good thing, that’s why I decided to make a short review about Free Cash Lotto.

Note: I don’t have a payment proof available. When I will win something, I will post here my payment proof. I hope I will be lucky enough to win something…Only the future will tell…

Who doesn’t like FREE GIVEAWAYS? 

If you like free stuff as I DO, please use this link to make an account:

Free Lotto Giveaways Every Day

Thank you for reading. Good Luck, my friends.

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