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Free Bitcoin | Extra Bitcoin Rewards | Status: Paying

Are you looking for ways to earn free bitcoin without any effort? Then you are in the right place. This is one of the oldest bitcoin faucet (almost 20 million users around the world) with various earning ways and paying without any problems.

This is one of my best free faucets and you can join for free, no need to invest to earn free BTC.

Earning Options

Easy way to earn free bitcoins | just roll the button==>solve captcha==>get rewarded. Simple, right?
Remember if you are lucky you can win up to $200 in free bitcoin every hour (when you hit 10 000).

  • Bitcoin Game of Chance;

They have also a lottery that automatically runs once per week. Every time you roll the dice you receive 2 Lottery tickets. With these tickets, you can participate in a weekly lottery where you can win massive prizes if you are lucky.

  • Rewards;

Every time you roll the dice, you receive between 2 and 10 free reward points. You can exchange these points for different prizes.
Electronics; Hardware Wallets; Gift Certificates; Various Bonuses (Free bitcoin, Lottery tickets, Reward Points)😀

  • Multiply Bitcoin (not recommended).

They have also a “Multiply” your bitcoin but, keep in mind, this is just gambling so I won’t recommend using this feature. It is similar to flipping a coin but (this is a “big” but 🙂) most of the time you will lose. My advice is to stay away from this.

Another way to earn bitcoin is by simply leaving your cash in your account for a time period and simply start earning interest, once you have a minimum of 0.0003 BTC.

Referral Program

  • 50% referral commission
free bitcoin

They do an automatic withdrawal every Sunday (0.0003 BTC) but you can withdraw manually if that is your wish.

Thank you for your support.

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