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Epic “Free” Games is a platform like Steam who offers you a special environment where you can play various games. And to attract more people, they are giving away Free Games. 

But, the REAL question is why the “Epic Games” give away so many free games?

You can say this strategy to give away free games is some kind of advertisement for the Epic Games platform. With so many amazing offers, people will start talking about this and they will play those games using their launcher. Using this type of advertisement, they want to bring more people to their platform.

We all LOVE free stuff. Am I right, or what?

Note: In order to play games on “Epic Games”, you need to be connected to the internet.

For example: if you want to play a single-player game, you need to have an internet connection and be connected, in order to play that game.

Epic Games versus Steam

We can say there is a contest between these 2 great platforms Steam and Epic Games. Both platforms have many great offers for gamers. Now it’s only your choice which option is better for you. 

Is there any chance for Epic Games to become a real threat for Steam?

Well, it’s difficult to answer on this matter. It’s a possibility that the number of people who start and use this platform to increase, especially with these promos. But to become a real competitor to Steam, well, that is a real hard task for the Epic Games company and it requires a lot of hard work to make that possible. 

Many people said that Epic Games are not “well equipped” to move up in the gaming universe where Steam is ruling without any real competition. Only the future can tell…

But until then, let’s take advantage of their offers and get some free games

How many free games should we expect to give us?

In theory, they will give for free at least 1 FREE game every week. This is a great opportunity to grab some of the BEST games, just for free.

Here are some examples of games given for free:

  • GTA 5 with license;
  • Civilization VI
  • Borderlands 2 and Borderlands Pre-Sequel, etc;

I think now you understand the idea about the games you can get and the best part, they give these games for free.

Note: I don’t know how long they are willing to give away free games. But, this year (2020) they will make us happy with lots of cool games, for sure. We will see if they will continue this giveaway madness in the next year. I hope they do…

But what how can you get those promotions?

It’s very simple, just download their application. After you installed the application on your computer, just go to their store (from your application) and get the game. 

What about the problems with Epic Games?

Unfortunately, Linux users have no support here. Also, they don’t have the cloud saving feature.

Another limited option is social interaction. Unfortunately, they don’t compare with Steam in socializing. They have only a basic feature, a very limited social interaction between friends.

Maybe in the future, they will fix or improve these features…If not, they will fail…

If you want to see a review (positive or negative) about a random game, no chance on Epic Games. These features will be added soon, that is what the Epic Games said…We will see how good that system will be…

After seeing all these problems, I guess they have a lot of work in adding or improving these features. And to become an important player in the gaming world, they will fix those problems.

I know there are a few problems with Epic Games but, come on, these games are FREE 😉 .

More games will be added soon…

For more information about these giveaways, try to check their website. I will try to update you guys with the latest games given for free.

Epic Games Free Giveaways

I will post in the comment section the games given for free by the Epic Games Store.

But if you want to add your view about this subject, please use the comment section and share with us your opinion.

Thank you for reading.

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