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Crypto Faucet, Air-Drops, ICOs

Crypto Faucet | Are you looking for simple ways to get free crypto rewards? Well, your quest is over so don’t look any further.

There are a couple of ways to actually get free bitcoin or any other altcoin currency (alternative currency) like crypto faucets or airdrops.

You earn free crypto with no risk and no investment needed and, of course, it is free.

What is a crypto faucet?

In a funny way, we can say that a crypto faucet is like a tap spitting out satoshis. But don’t be so eager, unfortunately, the faucet owners are not that generous.

I know this method seems like a generous way to earn free bitcoin but it is not. A faucet is a website or application where you register, login and gets paid a small number of satoshis (bitcoin) or any other cryptocurrency.

Crypto faucet owners get their cash from promoters who are paying to have their adverts on those crypto faucets. You get paid a small amount of cryptocurrency for just staying on that faucet website, clicking and, finally, completing a small task.

 Is it possible to get free bitcoin?

The answer is definitely YES. But using these faucets, you don’t really earn a lot of it. It is not a “get rich fast” system but it’s recommended for the ones who are new to bitcoin, without the danger of losing any money. When you finish the tasks giving by these faucets and earn free satoshis, the satoshis will go into your micro wallet. 

Satoshi is the smallest amount of bitcoin that you can send through a transaction. These transactions are registered into a ledger (Blockchain). 

And what is this “Blockchain” thing?

Well, imagine the blockchain like a ledger where anyone acquires or sells anything associated with bitcoin.

But, what is a micro wallet?

A micro wallet is like a crypto wallet but this kind of wallet allows you to collect small amounts of cryptocurrencies. After collecting your coins from these faucets, you can transfer your crypto to your wallet.

What micro wallet should you use?

There are several micro wallets available now like:

These are the main micro wallets that I am using so far.These micro wallets have a limit, of withdrawing to your wallet, which can vary between 5000 satoshis and 30000 satoshis. This limit depends on the crypto faucet you are using.

When you reach this limit, you can withdraw your funds to your personal wallet.

What wallets should you use?

My favorite way to store my “precious” coins is the hardware wallet like:

The hardware wallets are the most secure way to store your coins. Keep in mind that cryptocurrencies are totally different from traditional currencies. 

Note: Keep the “private key” safe. The Private key is used to verify your account and, of course, verify the transactions you make.
Ledger Wallet Hardware Wallet

 The best part about the hardware wallets is that the private key always remains on this piece of hardware. Using these wallets, your funds are pretty safe from hackers.

Of course, there are other wallets you can use like:

  • Paper Wallets (more complicated than hardware wallets);
  • Web Wallets;
  • Desktop Wallets;
  • Wallets on your mobile phones (Mobile Wallets).

But these wallets are less secure than a hardware wallet, especially if you have big amounts of cryptocurrencies.

Here are some examples of popular crypto faucets that I am using and paying with no problems:

Moon Faucets are linked to something called CoinPot which is primarily as a cryptocurrency wallet for different types of cryptocurrencies. These faucets allow their members to decide whenever they want to claim. If you want to use these faucets (moon faucets), you must register with the email address you linked to Coinpot Micro Wallet.

Crypto Air-Drops

Crypto Air-Drops

Crypto Air-Drops are free coins waiting for you to get it. These tokens are given away by organizations to invite a large number of people to their project.

By doing this, they can get more followers to their social media platforms. Air-Drop is like a marketing tool for an ICO (Initial Coin Offering).

ICO (Initial Coin Offering)

ICOs are really high-risk investments so you need to be careful when you are planning to invest. My advice is to get more information before you invest your money. Make sure they have at least a Reddit or a Twitter account so you can interact with the community (if they have a community). 

Note: Finding Air-Drops can be really time-consuming. It’s not going to be a fast money-making scheme, you are not gonna get rich but it is fun in getting these tokens. 

It is an excellent way to get free cryptocurrency using air-drops. You might say that most of the tokens are for creating communities around these tokens.
Because of most of the air-drops are ERC 20 tokens, you are gonna need a compatible ERC 20 wallet. I would recommend MyEtherWallet, which is a secure wallet to store your tokens or air-drops. Most people already use this wallet and they are satisfied with it.

Some air-drops will need no funds to get these tokens but there are other air-drops who would require some ethereum in your wallet. It is recommended to have some ethereum in your wallet, just in case.

When these tokens get posted on exchanges, you can trade your tokens for another cryptocurrency. Because nothing in life is free you are gonna have to do something to get those tokes or air-drops.

How to join?

Some air-drops will require, for example, to join a telegram group or do a couple of social media actions like follow the token on social media. That is exactly what you need to do to get free crypto using air-drops. But it is a small price you have to pay to get those tokens.

But you need to watch out for scams, there a lot of scams in the air-drop world. Only if you believe in some token project you should continue to sign up process.

If you want to add more information about this subject or anything related to bitcoin or any other cryptocurrency, feel free to do that in the comment section.

We are all here to learn and earn free money online.

Thank you for reading.

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