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Computta Smart Mining

Computta Mining Power is for someone who wants to mine and be able to share his mining opportunity and, of course, earn bitcoin without having to pay anything from his own pocket.

You are able to mine bitcoin with both CPU and GPU rig and additionally, you will be capable to mine or get more mining power from your referrals as well.

Computta is basically a company that allows us (i mean normal people like us) to send them our computing power. With Computta, you don’t have to spend money to buy equipment for mining.

All you need to do is create your account, download their miner software (Smart Miner Software), then it’s gonna ask you if u want to make changes to your computer, you say “Yes” and then you download the miner.

Computta Mining Power is a great idea for someone who wants to start something to earn bitcoin.

Computta Mining Power Review

Important: You need a 64 – bit Windows Operating System, for you to use this program.

For more payments, you go to “Computta Pays”, there you will the latest payments from Computta. There you will find the links to the Blockchain. This way you will know for sure if Computta is paying, thanks to the Blockchain links.

So the most beneficial thing about Computta is you are able to sign up for free, download and install the software for free and, finally, you start providing your computing power for free.

Referral Program (5 levels deep)

Not only you can earn bitcoin for free using your personal computer, but you can refer your friends or share your referral link on social media. Anyone that you refer, you get 10% of how much did they mine (computing power).

The more people running this application, the more income you earn.

You earn 10% on the first referral level, 5% on the second level, 5% on the third level, 3% on the fourth level and, finally, 2% on the fifth level (you refer people, they refer people so we, all, earn easy bitcoin).

Payment Method

You must add your bitcoin address to get paid. Once you reach the minimum (3 mBTC), you will be able to withdraw from the Payments tab. When you withdraw your bitcoin, you are gonna receive a verification email to confirm the payment request.

Register Link

Start earning bitcoin by clicking this banner

Computta Mining Power

Thank you.

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