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Coinpot is a micro wallet where you can store crypto-coins like Dash, Dogecoin, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, and of course Bitcoin (coinpot faucets) which is absolutely excellent for a wallet because of most wallets are preferred to a single currency but these guys added multiple currencies to this wallet.

Don’t forget to confirm your email address when you register for Coinpot. Protect your account by enabling the 2FA feature.

Coinpot is an online platform where you can receive up to 5 cryptocurrencies for free from their free faucets. If you are not satisfied with the rewards offered by the faucets, you can try the mining feature.

Coinpot Mining

It is really simple to mine with Coinpot. Just select the coin you wish to mine and then choose the mining option. The mining window is the same for all the 5 cryptocurrencies. You can choose how much “power” (CPU) you want to use for the mining operation.

Note: Be very careful when you select the mining options (CPU and threads).

Coinpot Tokens

How can you earn Coinpot Tokens?

  • Faucets (for every claim you make, you earn 3 Tokens and for every claim made by your referral you earn 1 Token);
  • Mining (you have the option to mine these Tokens);
  • Exchange Tokens for other cryptocurrencies. The Exchange is Instant and there is no fee.
  • Multiplier (gamble option but NOT recommended);
  • Coinpot Challenges (complete various challenges and earn different rewards).

Once you reach the minimum, you can withdraw your coins to your wallet.

What faucets can you use with Coinpot

Remember to use the same email address you registered to Coinpot Wallet.

With the coinpot faucets you can choose the time when to claim.

Moon Bitcoin Coinpot Faucet
Bitcoin Faucet
Moon Bitcoin Cash Coinpot Faucet
Bitcoin Cash Faucet
Moon Dashcoin Coinpot Faucet
Dash Faucet
Moon Dogecoin Coinpot Faucet
Doge Faucet
Moon Litecoin Faucet
Litecoin Faucet
Bonus Bitcoin Coinpot Faucet
Bitcoin Faucet
BitFun Play games
Play Games with BitFun

If you are interested to claim faucets then Coinpot is for you.
More Bitcoin Faucets: Cointiply, Free

Thank you.

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