CoinPayu 1000 satoshis free | Sign Up Bonus, BTC

CoinPayU – Make an account and earn 1000 satoshis for free.
I truly recommend this website, I had no problem in getting my payment (always paying), various ways to earn online.

How can you earn with CoinPayU

These are some of the many possibilities to earn here:

  • Because it’s a PTC (pay to click), you can earn by clicking advertisements and view them;

The timer for the advertisements varies between 5 seconds and 60 seconds.

  • Complete surveys and offers to get an extra buck;

CoinPayU Sign Up Bonus: free 1000 Satoshis.

There are lots of surveys and offers from which u can earn. Of course, the country you are from is very relevant but nevertheless, you will find some good studies and offers to finish.

  • If you have friends or other possibilities to get new referrals, then this is another way to make lots of satoshis;

If your referral buys an advertisement, then you will make up to 25%.

  • Post your proof of payment, you earn 1000 satoshis. Easy, right?

CoinPayU Game (fun game)

This game is about catching a cat (not really catching a cat). You need to follow their Twitter or Facebook to get the code. Using this code (with this code you “catch” the cat) you can earn various prizes, but, keep in mind, you need to be fast because it’s available for a limited number of members, it can vary between 800 and 1 500 members. You can earn up to 10 000 satoshis (catch the KING cat) if you are lucky.


In CoinPayU, there are 3 memberships: Standard, Junior Partner, and Premium Partner. Each membership has different levels of earnings for referrals.

Points System

What does point means and how do you earn points? The simple answer is: depending on how active you are in CoinPayU so you might say the more active you are, the more points you get.
If you have more than 100 points, then your payment will be INSTANT.

My Payment Proof | April 11, 2020

CoinPayU Payment Proof April 2020

Payment Methods

The minimum payment for CoinPayU is only 10 000 satoshis (48 hours to get your payment in your bitcoin wallet).

Register here:

coinpayu 1000 satoshis free

Thank you.

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