ClipClaps Review | Watch Fun Videos, Chest Rewards

ClipClaps is a free mobile application that can be downloaded from GooglePlay. There are NO annoying advertisements like you see in other game apps.

You can watch videos for coins or you can upload your videos to get more ClapCoins.

How to register with ClipClaps?

It’s very simple. Just open the Google Play Store and then look for the ClipClaps app.

After you finish downloading this app, you will be needed to add your mobile phone number to login to your account. Of course, you can use, also, your Facebook account to log in. 

How can you earn using this app?

Once you finish all the registration process, you can start immediately earning money with this app. Watching videos is the primary way to earn here.

The duration of the videos you watch can vary between 1 minute and almost 20 minutes.

At the bottom of every video, you will see a slider with a time duration. Once you start watching the video, the slider also starts.

You will receive after you are done, a chest that you can claim for various money rewards. You can claim the chest rewards in the “Rewards” section.

Note: 1 000 ClapPoints equal $0.01.

What is the minimum to withdraw?

The only option to withdraw your money is via PayPal. Unfortunately, the minimum required to withdraw is $10. Also, if you want to wait, you can use other options to withdraw like $15, $20, $30, $40 and $50.

But, in order to reach those numbers, you need to have lots of referrals. Without referrals, it’s going to be almost impossible to reach, for example, $30 or $50.

The final conclusion is you have 3 options to make money here:

  • watch videos;

You need to spend coins to play these games.

Only the “Aquarium” game is free. In this game, you feed your fish for coins and pearls.

Each fish has levels. Once the levels grow, it will increase the value of the fish. You can exchange your upgraded fish for cash or points.

  • refer ClipClaps to friends.

Do you like playing a Game of Chance?

If the answer is yes, then you have an option to satisfy your desire.

And, that gambling option is the “Scratchers”:

  • Lucky Dog;
  • Super 7;
  • Extreme 8.

You spend coins to scratch tickets, the number of coins can vary between 200 coins and 1000 coins. But, please, keep in mind: you either can win the Bonus or you can win nothing.

ClipClaps Watch Videos

Note: This is not a referral link.

In short, you can earn like this: watch videos, earn chests and raffles. Open the chest for the rewards and then when you reach the minimum, you can withdraw using the PayPal option.

Thank you for reading.

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