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 What is ClickWorker?

ClickWorker is a freelance company that pays you some extra pocket money to complete simple small tasks, paid surveys, or any other thing like that.

It’s available worldwide so it doesn’t matter the country you are from. This platform is very similar to other sites like Microworkers or PicoWorkers but the difference is that it is a lot easier to complete the tasks here.

What about mobile availability?

ClickWorker is available on mobile devices (android and iPhone). If you are interested in using the mobile version of ClickWorker, you can download the app by using this link:

ClickWorker on mobile

Note: Try to use the mobile version too. There are many tasks only available on mobile devices like uploading images or capturing audio or videos, etc.

How to register to ClickWorker?

There are 2 options needed in order to register to ClickWorker:

  • Clickworker;

This is the recommended option for most of us who wants to earn some pocket money.

  • Customer.

After you select your option, then you can proceed to the registration form and add all the necessary information. All the information must be correct in order to verify your account and get paid.

Note: Please do not use VPN to create multi accounts or to register from any other country than your real one. Your account will be terminated if you do that.

Now that you added successfully all the personal information, go to your email account and click on the link to activate your account.

How to get started?

In order to start making money here, you need to complete your profile so they can send you the right tasks to complete.

For example, they will ask information about your favorite hobbies, languages, skills, or information about your lifestyle, sports, etc.

What kind of jobs should you expect to complete here?

Here are some examples of tasks available for you to complete:

  • data research;

For example, they will ask you to search for a keyword on google, then you must provide information like on what page you found that keyword or on what position, etc. And, finally, you will provide the link of the page to complete the job.

  • testing various apps;take photos with your smartphone and then upload it;
  • visit different online shops;
  • make videos or audios files, etc.

Very important: The tasks won’t be the same for all the countries. Each country will have a different set of jobs needed to complete.

In other words, the tasks I see in my account won’t be the same as the tasks which are available for you.

What is the point of adding this information?

It’s very simple. All the information you add to your profile will help the company to send you the best tasks.

The more information you add, the more tasks you will receive. The more jobs you finish at ClickWorker, the more money you receive. 

The golden rule is to read very carefully all the information about that task you want to complete.

Important: when you count the positions for the link of the page, ignore the ads.

How much money can you make with ClickWorker?

This is the big question. Don’t expect to get rich or working a full-time job if you are using this platform to make money.

Pocket money is the answer to the QUESTION. You can earn up to 2 dollars per hour if you are lucky to find many tasks.

If you want to earn more, try to refer people. This is how you can earn a lot with ClickWorker or any other program online.

What are the payment options?

Once you make enough money, you can withdraw by using these options:

If your PayPal account is not verified, you won’t be able to use this option. Therefore, verify your PayPal account.

  • Checks;
  • Bank Account.

Is ClickWorker a legit and safe company?

Yes, ClickWorker is legit and it has paid his members from all around the world without any problems. And, more importantly, they are using PayPal to send you the payments. If you expect to earn big money here, you will be very disappointed.

Register here

clickworker freelance

This is a link with no referral code. I am not here to earn from you, I just want to show you different ways to make money online.

Working with ClickWorker is recommended for those who have enough free time and want to increase their online income. This is not a full-time job so don’t expect to earn big money with this platform unless you have many referrals.

Note: Depending on how fast you are on searching stuff on google, it will take some time to complete tasks here.

Thank you for reading.

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