Bitcoin Game | Challenge the Best in Click Fight arena

What is the story behind Click Fight?

Well, the concept of this bitcoin game is very simple. It’s a pretty basic and straightforward game. You are a virus hunter.

What is his main purpose?

Yes, you are right. He is out to kill or hunt viruses. When you kill viruses, you receive credits, cryptos, and experience.

With the credits and cryptos, you will be able to buy weapons, ammo, and many more items from the “Shop” section.

This way, you will become stronger and you will be capable to fight against stronger viruses for better rewards.

In short, the main concept is to fight, level up, upgrade your stats, and fight against viruses for rewards.

How can you play this bitcoin game?

Real Players (click on their target), NPC (click on their logo). It’s very simple. Just click the button “Join the Arena” and that’s it. You will fight against REAL players and NPC (non-player character).
In time you will become stronger and you will fight in higher Arena levels.

Note: Click Fight is, also, available on mobile platforms.

Arena Levels | Bitcoin Game

Arena level 1 (player level 1 – 3), Arena level 2 (player level 4-7), Arena level 3 (player level 8-11), Arena level 4 (player level 12-15) and Arena level 5 (player level 16 and above).

Daily Challenge

Complete Daily Challenge and you earn Bigger Rewards every day. You can get bitcoin satoshi, Medical Packs, Credits and Experience Points.

What are the Associations?

Partner with other players to fight with no effort against much tougher opponents.

My Last Payment Proof |June 01, 2020

ClickFight Proof June 01, 2020

Referral Program

  • Share your referral link and you earn 10% commission.

Withdrawal Options

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Thank you for your support.

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