BuzzBreak Review | Read News for Real Cash Rewards

What is BuzzBreak?

Well, BuzzBreak is a popular mobile application where you can earn various cash rewards just by viewing the news.

How cool is that, you get paid only for reading or viewing different news (every 30 seconds) on your phone. I know it’s difficult to believe but it’s real.

It is free to register and it doesn’t require any special effort to earn here.

How BuzzBreak works?

It’s very simple. For watching various news, you get rewarded with points. These points will be exchanged into cash.

Once you reach the minimum, you will be able to make a withdrawal.

You can not read unlimited news, unfortunately. The number of news videos is limited to 50 news daily.

There are other ways to earn here, besides reading news:

  • Watch videos;

Every video you watch is equal to 100 points.

That sounds really simple but it is not. It can be a waste of time, especially for the people who are living in low tier countries.

  • Do different offer-walls;

It is a little bit tricky to complete this job. The highest paying offers are very hard to complete.

Refer your Friends

Also, you can earn money by referring your friends and family. Share your link to different forums or Social Media.

For doing this, you get a 20% referral commission.

The BuzzBreak referral program has 5 levels. You can level up only by referring. Unfortunately, this is the best way to earn big money with this app.

BuzzBreak Availability

This mobile app is available worldwide. Anyone (with an android phone) can register and earn with this application. The not so good part, if we can say that, is that this app is available only for the android devices.

If you have a Facebook account or a Gmail account, then you should try BuzzBreak. You can download it from GooglePlay.

What are the options for withdrawal?

BuzzBreak uses only one option for the withdrawal process.

At beginnings, there were 3 options to withdraw:

  • 2 000 points;
  • 10 000 points;
  • 50 000 points.

Register here (no referral link) 😉

Buzzbreak Read News

After the latest update, they increased the minimum to $5. It’s not going to be so simple now to reach $5, unfortunately. 

Also, they added a new option only for the members from India, which is Paytm.

If you feel a little bit bored, you can try this application. It’s really fun earning with this mobile app. But, you are the only one who can decide if this app is worth your time or not.

Thank you for reading.

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