BTCSurveys Review | Complete Easy Surveys for BTC

BTCSurveys is the new kid in the GPT universe. They launched in January 2020 and it is another project from the ones behind

They offer bitcoin rewards every time you complete a survey. And as their logo is showing, they are giving Free Bitcoin for your thoughts…

Because the site is new, they don’t have many survey providers. But, they will add more options to help us reach the threshold easier.

How to register?

I was surprised to see how simple it was to register to their site. Just add your information like your username and email address. You don’t need to click any verification link from your email address.

But, you need to confirm your phone number. Add your phone number and after that you are gonna receive a verification code to your mobile phone. That’s it.

Is BTCSurveys available in your country?

Yes, anyone can join and earn with BTCSurveys. This platform is available in all countries. But the number of surveys depends on your location.

How can you earn with BTCSurveys?

It’s very simple. The main idea behind this project is to complete surveys for BTC. If you are from a country from tier 1 or 2 (USA, Canada, Germany, United Kingdom, etc), you can earn up to $10 per hour, just by doing surveys online.

Earn EXTRA with their Referral Program

Like in almost GPT sites, you can share your referral link to earn extra.When your referral completes a survey, you earn a 10% referral commission.

Note: All the referral commissions are INSTANT.

What option can you use to make a  BTC withdrawal?

The minimum required to withdraw is 0.001 BTC.

How long does it take to receive your payment in your wallet?

In theory, you will receive your payment within 48 hours

If you love completing surveys or various offers (like I do) or if you are interested in Bitcoin, you can check this platform by clicking this link:

Register to BTCSurveys

This is a great and interesting project to earn free bitcoin. They will add more features to improve our experience and, of course, to increase our earnings.

So, try to keep an eye on their development to see what new stuff they added to the BTCSurveys.

Thank you for reading.

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