Make Extra Money with Bituro, Watch Videos, Surveys

Bituro (Extra Money) | Watch Videos, Complete offers, tasks, Bonus 150 points.
If you love making money (watch videos) from your phone then this app is for you.
I have another application for you to check out; we are gonna take a closer look at Bituro. This is an application that obviously it pays in bitcoin, PayPal or Gift Cards and it has very decent opportunities for you guys to earn.

How can you earn extra money with Bituro?

  • Installing various games and free mobile applications;
  • Complete offers and various tasks;

Completing surveys and offers, this is the way where you are going to earn high amounts of points with this application.

  • Earn Extra Money by watching different videos (easy way of earning | watch videos);
  • Many more opportunities to earn money.

Bituro is available both on android phones and iOS. Of course, you can use this app on your computer too.

When you reach 1,000 points (that is $1) you can use PayPal, Bitcoin or Ethereum to withdraw your cash.

Please, when you register to Bituro use my referral code 1930498 to receive a SIGN-UP bonus.

My PayPal Payment Proof | May 11, 2020

Bituro Payment Proof May 2020

Available payment solutions:

  • Paypal;
  • Bitcoin Wallet;
  • Ethereum Wallet;
  • Gift Cards.

Please register here:

Bituro Extra Money

Thank you.

Mobile App: HoneyGain, DimeTask

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