Bittube | Watch Youtube Videos and Earn Free BTC

Bittube allows you to earn cash the second you register a new account. It is a pretty cool website where you can earn money from watching videos.

This company will pay you to watch videos, how cool is that?

You can literally be making money with zero investment. Yes, you don’t need to invest to earn with Bittube.

Note: You will NOT get rich with this platform. But, it is really cool to earn from watching youtube videos.

How can you earn with Bittube

  • Chrome Extension (BTC Rewards)

It is very simple to use this extension to earn free bitcoin.

Just download the extension, find any youtube video and get rewarded with BTC from watching that video.Wait for the “bar” to turn GREEN and then claim your reward.

  • View different Ads

Another cool thing about Bittube is ZERO 😁 popups and popunders advertisements. I really hate this type of advertisement and I know you feel the same. 

Bittube Levels

These levels affect your withdrawal limit. So, it is in your best interest to upgrade your level to withdraw more per day.

For example, the withdrawal limit for level 1 is 1000 satoshi and level 10 is 40000 satoshi. Reaching the last level requires a lot of experience (100 000 EXP) but it’s not impossible.

So, start watching videos, gain more experience from watching the video, level up your account, increase your limit and then withdraw your earnings to your FaucetPay account.

Advertisement Option

If you are an advertiser, this platform is for you. You can get traffic to your youtube videos or your personal websites.

Referral Program

Share your link and you can earn 20% referral commission.

Payment Options

You need to have a FaucetPay account so your bitcoin address must be linked to your FaucetPay account.

If you don’t have a FaucetPay account, just check this link and register to receive your earnings.

 All the payments are INSTANT.

Note: The “Bitcoin Address” from the “Withdraw” section will be blank. You need to add your FaucetPay bitcoin address. Just go to the “Settings” section and add your bitcoin address there.

That’s it. You are ready now to receive INSTANT payments from Bittube.

The minimum Payout is just 1 satoshi. I think it is not so hard 😉 to reach that.

If you are a little bit interested in this website, just give this a try.  

Bittube Videos
Similar website from the same admin
BTCMines Game

If you love watching youtube videos, why not get paid for that?

You won’t earn much but it’s still an interesting way to ger free bitcoin.

Thank you for reading.

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