Belacam Review | Social Media, Airdrops, Bela Coin

Belacam is a social media platform, similar to Instagram where post various images, get followers, or get likes on your favorite images.

How much BELA you get for a “LIKE”?

For 1 “Like” you get 1 BELA.

Belacam Registration | How to…

It’s very simple to register to Belacam. Just add your username, email address, and your password.

Note: In case the username is taken, just refresh the page and add another username. If you don’t do the “refresh” thing, there will be an error when you try to add another username.

How to make money with Belacam?

There are some ways to increase your earnings like:

  • Sharing your content;

For now, it’s available only the TheoremReach. Soon they will add more providers, more surveys…

  • Trading;

If you don’t know anything about trading, you can avoid this section.

  • Sharing your special link (referral earnings).

Bela Premium Membership

In order to receive the PREMIUM membership, you need to have at least 30000 Bela. 

The most important benefits you receive after you become a Premium member are when you make a withdrawal.

You will have 0 fees when you make a withdrawal. Also, you will receive a gold star and you can use a customizable referral link.

These are the most important benefits of premium membership.

Belacam Special Coin

Every time you complete different tasks (jobs) on Belacam, you earn Bela.

The “Bela” coin is a cryptocurrency, very similar to Bitcoin and it’s worth almost $0.02.

Note: Don’t worry. The whole system behind Belacam is self-sustaining. For example, if you like an image from another member, you are gonna give a “Bella” from your account.

Is this available on mobile platforms?

Belacam is available both on android devices and iOS (Apple devices).

Refer new people and earn more crypto

Their referral program is very generous. But, in order to use your referral link, you need to apply to their referral program.

They will ask for more information about how do you intend to promote Belacam. After they approve your request, you will be able to use your referral link.

If you get approved, you earn a 10% referral commission when they complete surveys. And, that is not all, you earn “BELA” when someone uses your referral link and make an account.

Belacam Payment | How do you get paid?

They provide you with multiple payment options.

You can use the DIRECT withdrawal or you can go to the “SHOP” section where you can exchange your “BELA” to different gift cards (Amazon, Uber, Google Play, etc).

Please check the “Shop” section for more information about the gift cards and what giftcards are available to exchange BELA.

If you want to make a direct withdrawal, you need to have 100 BELA. You can withdraw to an ERC-20 address.

If you think this Social media platform is interesting enough to make an account, please use this link to join. 

Belacam Registration

Thank you.

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