AttaPoll Review | Mobile Survey App, Highly Rated

Attapoll is an application that you can use on your phone (android or iPhone) to earn rewards by doing online surveys. Earn amazing cash rewards just for sharing your opinions using your mobile phone.

They pretty much specialize in surveys, so they don’t really give you other options to make money online. 

How can you earn with Attapoll?

Every time you receive a survey, you will get notifications. When you register, make sure you the notifications are turned on.

You earn rewards just by taking simple surveys and a simple survey can earn you up to 100 credits. The earning process is quite simple, they don’t overcomplicate.

You will see the ratings of stars for each survey they send to you, the number of credits you get for a survey and how many minutes it takes to complete that survey.

Complete your profile

Don’t forget to fill out a couple of details so they know a little bit about you so they can send you the best surveys based on those pieces of information.

Go to “Settings”, then click on “Your Profile”. In this section, you need to add your information in order to get surveys.

Note: Every time you start a survey, you get 1 credit, which is a good start.

Sometimes you will get disqualified but you still get rewarded for starting the survey.

If you want to check the balance, just press “Check Balance” and then you will see how many credits you have in your account.

How do you get paid?

You can cash out right away once you reach the minimum, using these options:

If you have 300 credits, you can cash out, using PayPal.

Reach 250 credits to use the Ethereum option.

If you want to withdraw in your bitcoin wallet, you need 10 000 credits.

Attapoll gives you, also, the possibility to donate your money from your account.

My payment proof | May 08, 2020

Attapoll Payment Proof | May 08, 2020

The minimum to donate is 100 credits. Get this incredible app in order to earn cash rewards.

Please use this link to register 😉

Attapoll register

I really like this app and this is a really cool way to make some pocket money online. Answer a few questions, give your opinion and get paid.

Attapoll is definitely one of the top applications and I really recommend it, especially if you love completing surveys.

Thank you for reading.

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