Airtasker | Part-Time Work, Monetize your Unique Skills is a platform that connects small businesses with people who can help you with anything like cleaning, plumbing, gardening, painting or any other job (task) around the home.

But, of course, you can do other jobs like babysitting, lawn mowing or even dog walking and earn money.

How to register?

The registration process is pretty simple, just press the “Sign UP” button and then complete the registration form by filling the necessary details like email or password. You can use either Google or Facebook to register.

There are 2 types of people:

  • Employers (job posters) are the people who post jobs or tasks that needed to be completed.

They put jobs and how much they are willing to pay you to complete those jobs.

  • Taskers are the people who are looking to complete various tasks.

Complete as many tasks as you can to get positive reviews. These reviews are very important for those who are looking for people to complete their tasks.

Note: Doing more jobs and getting positive reviews can help you find more tasks. Also, the skillset is also important to find more jobs.

You need to convince them you are the right person for the task by providing things like your experience or your skillset.

Airtasker Categories

In this image below you can see some of the jobs you need to do to earn money with .

Airtasker Categories

There are 3 types of jobs:

  • Open Tasks;
  • Online Tasks;

You can complete tasks like Facebook Likes, advertising using Social Media platforms,  creating a website or writing a letter, etc.

Note: These types of tasks you can do it from anywhere, not just Australia, Ireland or the UK.

  • Projects (long term tasks).

Airtasker Conclusions…

This is a great opportunity to make some easy money and anyone (from Australia, Ireland, and the UK) can earn with Airtasker.

You can earn by doing various physical tasks and also online jobs. If you are looking for a little bit of extra cash, just bid the job you can do and start making money.

Whenever you are responding to a job or a task, please be professional. That is, also, very important in getting more jobs in a flexible way in the future.

If you have some thoughts (good or bad) about this platform, please use the “comment” section and share that information with us.

Thank you for reading.

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