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What is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate Marketing it’s about referring people to various products or services of companies, websites or brands for commissions. These commissions are from the people who register or buy something using a special link or a custom affiliate link

Affiliate Marketing is all about sales and commissions, that’s it. Promote someone else’s products and services and you earn commissions using banners or any other materials in a video,  landing page or website, etc.

There are involved 3 parts involved in Affiliate Marketing:

  • The company or the brand who owns the products;
  • You as an affiliate who will promote the products of those companies using a special link. 
  • The person who buys a product or service using your referral link.

What is an Affiliate Program (referral program)?

An Affiliate Program gives other people the opportunity to join for free and promote various products or services and finally earns commissions based on that affiliate program.

It is about joining an affiliate network and finding products or services you wish to sell.
Almost all the important companies or brands use affiliate marketing to attract new customers for their products.

Remember: It is not that simple to succeed in this marketing business. You have to learn how to promote or how to market yourself.

You need to learn how to create an audience, to bring more traffic or to create interesting content.

Affiliate Marketing is a situation where everybody involved can win big money. You earn commissions for sharing their referral or affiliate link and the companies sell their products or services because of you.

What is an affiliate link?

An affiliate link is a tool you can use in your marketing process to recommend a product or service. If someone clicks on this custom link or buys something using your link, it is gonna be tracked back to you.

This special link is used by the companies to track, verify and see what sales were made using your referral link.

This way, they make sure that you get paid for promoting their service or product.  You are helping in selling a product for a company or a brand and you get commissions for that sell.

 What I love about Affiliate Marketing is that you don’t need to create your own product or to be an expert in sales to earn a passive income. You only need to share or promote a service or a product with different people like friends, family, work colleagues, subscribers, etc.

Note: You need to have the patience to earn from affiliate marketing. This is not just a random way where you can earn lots of money very fast and with no effort.

How do you start with Affiliate Marketing?

First of all, to start making money from home using affiliate marketing, you need a computer, an internet connection.

But, more importantly, you must have the will to learn about this method of earning money online.

You need to start looking for affiliate programs, what niche are you interested in working with or what niche is profitable, etc.

Use Google Search

Take a close look at their products, check if they have affiliate programs. Use the power of Google Search to get results.

Note: Start building a website, get decent traffic and your chances of being approved by these companies will increase very much. 

It is recommended to have a website if you want to start earning with affiliate marketing.

It is possible to get approved if you are using your social accounts also (Youtube channel, Facebook Page or Group, Instagram, etc).

Registration Process…

You sign up to an Affiliate Program, you put your name, your email address, and your payment details. And by doing this, you become a vital part of the sales team for that particular company.

The only obligation of the company towards you is paying simple commissions. They give you a commission for helping them to make a sale. If you have the ability to promote, sell their services or products, you can make a lot of money. 

Here is some example of good affiliate marketing  networks

Amazon Affiliate Network

Amazon Affiliate Program is one of the most popular affiliate programs that allows you to promote any products and in return you earn commissions.

Here you can find millions of products to choose from. There are many ways you could make money with Amazon. Just check this out and you won’t be disappointed.

Commission Junction

Commission Junction is very similar to other affiliate platforms and I think some of you have heard about this company. Using this platform, you connect with important companies or brands and promote their services or products.

The design looks pretty good,  its focus is around helping you to build your affiliate commission. Here you can explore additional opportunities to earn online for yourself and find products you want to promote.


Click Bank is available worldwide. It is one of the biggest and oldest affiliates networks. You have lots of products available for you to promote or you can sell your own products. With ClickBank, you promote or share various digital products and earn a commission.


This network concentrates more on digital products. It is very similar to ClickBank. If you like to promote software or digital products about how to make money online, this network is for you.


Using ShareASale, you can promote both physical or digital products from various companies or brands like Reebok, Warby Parker or Spanx, etc.

ShareASale gives you the commission to share their products about fashion (dresses, accessories, etc),  makeup, digital products, etc.  If you have your own product, you can join ShareASale as a merchant.

On this platform, you can find different categories like Financial, Health, Business, Fashion, etc. They manage to keep a balance between physical and digital products.


Podia is an affiliate program where you can sell online courses or any other digital product.  It has a good design with a clean interface with affordable prices.


You need to be aware of the fact that results won’t come instantly. Like I said earlier, you need to be patient, to work hard and the results, surely, will come.

 Affiliate Marketing is a method for you to earn a percentage for selling someone else’s product or service. Your income is depending on the amount of the value you give to the product you promote.

Keep in mind, many people have quit because they wanted fast results. Because of that, they didn’t understand how this really works.

In the end, Affiliate Marketing can change your life but you need to do a lot of work to make that happen.

Thank you for reading.

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