Get Free Bitcoin with adbtc (pay to click) | Reliable and Top-Earning PTC is one of the best bitcoin PTC (pay to click) websites with many positive reviews from lots of members who are making thousands of satoshis for doing simple jobs like watching ads.

Note: You won’t earn high amounts of satoshis but it’s recommended for the ones who are new to bitcoin. Because you get paid only for viewing ads, the earnings are not so great but it does pay better than any bitcoin PTC out there.

In other words, don’t expect to make lots of money only for viewing ads. If you want to earn more, then you should get more referrals. Like in almost any money-making site, referrals are the key to improve your financial status. Without referrals, it’s almost impossible to reach high earnings only by clicking ads.

How can you make a new account?

Before you start earning free bitcoin, you need an account. In order to become a new member of, you need to add the following information: 

  • email address;
  • password;
  • bitcoin address.

After you completed this process, you have to check your email address to verify your account. Only after you confirm your account, you can earn free bitcoin

How can you earn free bitcoin with Adbtc.TOP (pay to click)?

Because it’s pay to click site, the only way to make money here is by watching ads.These are some of the ways to help you earn free bitcoin:

  • watch simple ads;

It doesn’t require to stay on the advertisement page to earn. You can do something else on your browser while the timer is running.

  • active windows;

This method requires you to stay on the page in order to earn satoshis. Click the link, watch the ad, and then complete the captcha.

Note: You have up to 3 types of captchas to select in order to finish watching the ad. This is very useful for those who don’t like the “Recaptcha“.

  • auto surfing;

Unfortunately, there aren’t too many ads in order to use this way to earn some satoshis. Once you saw all the ads in auto mode, you will be returned to the dashboard.

Note: Don’t close the page before the timer is completed. If you close the page too early, you won’t get paid.

  • bitcoin faucet.

My FaucetPay Payment Proof | June 11, 2020

Adbtc.TOP Payment Proof | June 11, 2020

How much can you earn from your referrals?

Every active referral can bring you nice earnings. If you have a blog or another way to promote various sites, then you should really think about advertising Every time your referral is watching an ad, you earn a 10% referral commission. Also, if he deposits bitcoin and advertises his links, you get another 5% commission.

The Referral Market

There is another way to get new people to help you earn and that is the Referral Market. But, you need to buy these referrals.

This way is a little bit risky because you pay for a referral and if he stops clicking then you lost the money. That’s why, if you want to buy a referral, then you should try to find the best possible referral in order to recover your investment and earn some profits with him. 

What is the Rating?

Your activity is the only factor that will improve your rating. The greater the rating, the bigger ads you will receive.

  • earn 10 000 satoshis in surfing ads and you get 1 point;
  • for every 5 000 BTC satoshis earned in Auto-Surfing you get 1 point;
  • spend 10 000 satoshis on advertising and you get 1 point;
  • if your referral spends 10 000 satoshis on advertising you get 1 point;
  • when you buy a referral on the market you get 0.1 points;

Note: In case your account became inactive after 1 week, you will start to lose points. 

What are the payment options?

Once you earned 4 000 satoshis, you can use these payment options to cash out:

I highly recommend using FaucetPay as your primary way to hold temporarily your crypto. There are no hidden fees and it’s very simple to use. This is a legit alternative to the FaucetHub.

If you don’t use any of these 2 methods, they provide you with another way to withdraw your funds:

Note: If you choose to withdraw your bitcoin via Bitcoin Wallet, then you must know that the minimum required to cash out is 33 000 satoshis.

Register Adbtc.TOP

adbtc pay to click

Is Adbtc.Top a legit pay to click site or a scam? is a legit PTC site founded in 2017 with lots of ads to click, great ways to advertise your referral links or you can cash out using multiple payment options. Its design is very simple both on desktop and mobile devices. 

Thank you for reading.

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