lhc:LHC Life Healthy Coins ICO Project

  • Amount of issue400000000 lhc
  • Amount participated398994219 lhc
  • Lock period1stage
  • Defrost intervals2160H

remaining time : 3days


QUOTA lhc1000000

  • USDT
  • =0LHC

  • End Time : 2021-12-06 00:00:00

To All Project Initiators and Cryptoprobits users, 

Cryptoprobits will launch the crowdfunding phase of the new token Life Healthy Coins (LHC) on September 2, 2021. The specific opening time of the LHC/USDT trading pair is as follows. Please prepare for the transaction in advance.

LHC/USDT trading time: December 2, 2021 at 18:00 GMT

Withdrawal time: 18:00 GMT on December 2, 2021

Crowdfunding initial price: 0.3 USDT


Reminder: Please do not recharge in advance before the opening time of recharge. If there is abnormal recharge, Cryptoprobits will not provide retrieve service for any asset loss or account-freeze caused by the deposit.

Release Information:

Token name: Life Healthy Coins 

Tokens Abbreviation: LHC

Core algorithm: SHA256

Release Date: September 2021

Block speed: 3-5 seconds/block

Difficulty adjustment: 1-2 block

Total quantity: 1,000,000,000 pieces (1 billion pieces, constant quantity, no additional issuance)           

Constant total: 50 million pieces

Main features: The application is mainly in the field of life gene health service ecology.

Crowd funding  stage distribution share: 400 Million LHC

White paper:

Project Introduction:

The universe is composed of a large number of elementary particles that can move freely and permanently. Light particles and matter particles are just two different states of existence of perpetually moving elementary particles, or two different forms of motion. These perpetually moving elementary particles are It will neither arise out of thin air, nor disappear out of thin air, but will only change between different forms of motion or different states of existence. And in the process of transformation, the nature of particles and motion is always maintained. This is the law of conservation of the universe.

Based on the eternal law of the universe, LHC, the consensus that constitutes the top-level structure of the free and eternal ecology of the universe, breaks the traditional commercial financial form, and reshapes a new commercial finance for the future from the four dimensions of blockchain technology, commercial financial model and governance structure. The new form has also created a new form of public chain technology, a new organizational form and a new social form.

LHC's Crowd funding stage distribution share is 10%, and the USDT obtained from the public sale will be used to LHC’s  Main Prospect, and Gene Code operation and development, including blockchain technology development, code security auditing, marketing, legal and financial fees, third-party auditing, etc.

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